81 Produce Holds Open Audition For New Members Of Voice Actress Unit


81 Produce, one of the leading Tokyo-based dubbing agencies, has announced that it will organize “SUN AUDITION – Let’s create your story! A story of you becoming a dubbing artist,” an open audition that aims to find members of a new unit of female vocalists, who have all three skills of acting, singing and dancing.

The winners will belong to 81 Produce and will begin their dubbing activities after a period of lesson preparation. They are also guaranteed to make their major debut at Universal Music, and their first event will be at the Sunshine City Fountain Plaza in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. In addition, Toshima Ward in Tokyo will be a special support for the project, and the unit will collaborate on community activities based in Toshima Ward.

The press release wrote: “A person who loves to sing, a person who loves to dance, a person who loves to play. If any of the above apply to you, please try it. No experience is necessary. a responsibility to guide and train you. Take the first step towards your future with ‘SUN AUDITION’! Create your own story! This is the story of you becoming a dubbing artist. “

PV Announcement:

Period of application:

– November 26, 2021 (Fri) 6:00 p.m. – January 26, 2022 (Wed) 11:59 p.m. (JST)

Auditions selection schedule:

  • 1st screening (Documentation and video projection)
  • 2nd screening (Screening of practical skills) in February 2022 (Tokyo and Osaka)
  • An event to unveil the finalists on April 10 (Tokyo)
  • 3rd screening (Screening of practical skills) in May 2022 (Tokyo)
  • Final screening (Screening of practical skills) in June 2022 (Tokyo)

Eligibility criteria

  • Women with lower secondary education who are under 25 as of April 1, 2022.
  • Must have Japanese language skills to work as a voice actor and be able to relocate to Tokyo in the near future to work in the city.
  • Any nationality is acceptable.
  • You must attend all screenings and the finalist reveal event. If you do not show up, it may affect the outcome of the hearing.
  • If you are currently attending an actor or voice actor training school, you must be certified by the school.
  • If you are a minor, you will need permission from a parent or guardian.
  • If you have passed this audition and have already been to other auditions, you will be asked to opt out of all other auditions.

Source: 81 Produce press release


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