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ALEXANDRIE, Virginia, September 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ACTFL and Language Testing International (LTI), the exclusive licensee of ACTFL assessments, is proud to announce this year’s launch ACTFL Performance Assessment towards Language Proficiency (AAPPL) to September 15, 2021.

The AAPPL 2021-22 updates the format of the Advanced Interpretive Listening and Interpretive Reading test items.

The AAPPL 2021-22 continues to follow the design created by a diverse group of experienced teachers of world languages. This year’s test items are aligned with the update full list of AAPL topics (as previously announced).

The AAPPL 2021-22 also provides an updated format for the Advanced Interpretive Listening (IL) and Interpretive Reading (IR) test items. In addition to the long listening passages and reading texts with four multiple-choice questions each, there will be short passages and paragraph-length texts, each with a single multiple-choice question. This innovation aims to improve the overall experience of the candidate and allow for greater variety in the subjects and language assessed, while maintaining a high degree of consistency in the validity and reliability of the test.

AAPPL, developed by ACTFL and administered by LTI, is a skills and performance assessment designed to complement language learning in the classroom. As an assessment of tasks based on K-12 standards in the three modes of communication defined by the World readiness standards for language learning, The AAPPL assesses interpretive reading, interpretive listening, interpersonal listening / speaking and presentation writing.

The AAPPL is currently available in Arabic, Chinese-Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. The ACTFL website provides more detailed information on AAPPL, including demonstrations and useful tools for teachers.

For those looking for language assessment options for Hindi, Russian, and Thai, from January 2022, ACTFL will offer these languages ​​through ACTFL OPI & WPT for the Seal of Biliteracy (SOBL).

About ACTFL:

Provide vision, leadership and support for quality language teaching and learning, ACTFL is an individual membership organization of over 13,000 elementary to higher education language teachers and administrators, as well as government and industry. Since its founding in 1967, ACTFL has become synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability to meet the changing needs of language teachers and their learners. This is where educators, businesses and government agencies around the world go to advance the practice of language learning.

ACTFL’s work as an independent and trusted center of excellence enables educators to prepare learners for success in a 21st global society of the century; helps government agencies build their language skills in the United States and abroad; and connects businesses to the resources and relationships they need to be successful.

About LTI:

Language Testing International (LTI) is the exclusive licensee of ACTFL evaluations. LTI is committed to providing language assessment products backed by the highest levels of service and using the latest web technologies to deliver valid and personalized results quickly and efficiently. The tests are carried out and evaluated by ACTFL certified testers and assessors.

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