ACTFL announces six new members of the Board of Directors for 2022



Patel will be ACTFL president in 2023 and past president in 2024.

Adrienne Brandenburg – Brandenburg teaches Spanish in high school and Spanish for heritage speakers at Poudre High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she helped develop the Spanish for Heritage Speakers program in 2013. In 2021, she was appointed chair of ACTFL’s Spanish for Heritage Speakers special interest group. Recently, she hosted the Heritage Teachers Summit, bringing together a series of voices of heritage teachers from the classroom to provide a unique professional development option for heritage teachers. Her continued work with Spanish speakers of heritage and her advocacy for her heritage program inspired her to deepen her commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DCI). She is engaged in the lifelong work of recognizing and dismantling systems of oppression, in herself, in her classroom and in her community.

Kathleen shelton – Shelton currently serves students and teachers through his position as the Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education Program Specialist for World Languages ​​and Cultures at the Ohio Department of Education. Through her state-level position, Shelton oversees the development of the Ohio World Language Model Curriculum, a dynamic repository of global language resources used by teachers around the world. She was co-chair of the 2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL National Working Group for Statements of Language Proficiency and a member of the Committee for Statements of Intercultural Capability and has held leadership positions with the Ohio Foreign Language Association and the National Council of State. Supervisors for languages.

Krishauna Hines-GaitherHines-Gaither is currently Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DCI) at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. For nearly 20 years she was a teacher of Spanish, (Afro) Latin American studies and teaching methods. She currently sits on the ACTFL Constitution Committee and is the past chair of the ACTFL African American Student Educators Special Interest Group. She co-founded African American Linguists (AAL), which is dedicated to promoting languages ​​among African American learners. Hines- Gaither is the former president of the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC), where she led efforts to diversify the FLANC board and forge partnerships with under-represented groups, including historically black colleges and universities.

Kate paesaniPaesani is Director of the Center for Advanced Research in Language Acquisition (CARLA) and Affiliate Professor at the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Minnesota. At CARLA, Paesani oversees projects and initiatives that fulfill the Centre’s mission to improve language teaching and learning. As an Affiliate Professor, she teaches graduate courses in language pedagogy and undergraduate courses in French language, culture and linguistics. Paesani is the past president of the American Association of University Supervisors and Coordinators (AAUSC) and is currently the co-editor of that association’s open access journal, Second language research and practice. She is also a member of the ACTFL Research and Evaluation Committee and the Research Notes Working Group.


Cynthia Chalupa – Chalupa is Associate Professor of German and Director of the Basic German Program at University of West Virginia at Morgantown, VM. As a doctoral student, she was deputy director of from Ohio Collaborative articulation and evaluation program. Since then, she has served on the College Board’s AP Language Commission, the ACTFL / ETS Praxis II Exam Advisory Board, and the ACTFL / DLI Standards Setting Commission. She was co-chair of the national advisory board for the German examination of the AATG and a member of the committee for the development of German language and culture of the AP. She is a member of the AATG TraiNDaF and has served as president, vice president and president of awards and testing of West Virginia-AATG.

“I am so happy to welcome Akash Patel, Adrienne Brandenburg, Cynthia Chalupa, Krishauna Hines-Gaither, Kate paesani, and Kathleen shelton to the ACTFL Board of Directors ”, declared Howie berman, executive director of ACTFL. “Each of them brings a unique set of skills and expertise that will serve ACTFL and the language teaching profession well. We are delighted to be working with them in the years to come as we seek to ensure access to languages ​​for all students. “

Board members whose terms end at the end of 2021 are Brigitte Yaden (Former president); Pablo muirhead (Treasurer); Rebecca Renard; Leslie Grahn (NECTFL representative); Katrina Griffon; and Cristina Ladas.

“It has been an honor for me to work with such a dedicated group of volunteer leaders,” added Jessica haxhi, president of ACTFL. “We will certainly miss them, but we know they will continue to serve our profession and our learners in many ways. I want to thank them and wish them all the best.

About ACTFL:
Provide vision, leadership and support for quality language teaching and learning, ACTFL is an individual membership organization of over 13,000 elementary to higher education language teachers and administrators, as well as government and industry. Since its founding in 1967, ACTFL has become synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability to meet the changing needs of language teachers and their learners. This is where educators, businesses and government agencies around the world go to advance the practice of language learning.

ACTFL’s work as an independent and trusted center of excellence enables educators to prepare learners for success in a 21st global society of the century; helps government agencies build their language skills in the United States and abroad; and connects businesses to the resources and relationships they need to be successful.



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