Amigo Reading And Learning offers an exciting new way to learn new languages

The mobile app combines two of the most rewarding and time-consuming online activities into a unique language learning process that has proven to be more effective than other methods.

February 18, 2022 – Amigo Reading and Learning is delighted to announce that people trying to Learn a foreign language can turn to its mobile app for a faster and more engaging learning experience. The Amigo mobile app brings an extra touch of excitement to the language learning process by combining two of the most rewarding and time-consuming online activities, to create a unique and engaging experience.

“The world speaks different languages. That’s why every once in a while you have to learn a new one. Amigo Reading and Learning makes language learning fun by presenting you with an exciting way to learn a new language.

According to Amigo Reading and Learning, acquiring fluency in a foreign language requires not only reading and listening, but also speaking and writing. The brand emphasizes that it is much easier to remember a word by learning the example sentence containing the word, rather than the word alone. And it is this train of thought that has guided the creation of this new program which promises to potentially change the way people learn new languages.

By using the Amigo mobile app, users will first have to read and listen to the audio of a selected book in a foreign language. In doing so, they would then be helped to translate the book into their mother tongue. Once they know the words and phrases, they are recommended to read the book in their current spoken language and translate it into the new language they wish to learn.

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“This reverse translation helps you remember words from memory much faster and allows you to put them together into meaningful and correct sentences. Our wild catalog is full of entertainment and masterpieces from around the world to ensure that the language learning can now be the fun it should be.

To download the mobile app and get started on this exciting new approach to foreign language learning, those interested can simply click on the following link:

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