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Wiam Skakri could never rest on his laurels. Born and raised in Morocco, she has always sought a future abroad. What she didn’t expect was that her dream could come true as a teenager – until she turned to United World College, USA (UWC-USA). “I knew right away that applying was the right thing to do,” she says.

Skakri was right. She didn’t feel the slightest bit of homesickness when she boarded a plane for the very first time to Montezuma, New Mexico, simply because she was ready to broaden her horizons at a known school. to provide learners with a transformative yet enriching experience. journey towards academic excellence. UWC-USA believes in the power of immersion rather than instruction – like when Skakri made English language proficiency his mission.

“I remember them speaking slowly during meetings, reiterating how important it was for us to ask questions and to pair up with English learning buddies who were always easy to converse with,” he explains. -she.

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Support offerings like these have made it easier for Skakri to thrive in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The IBDP is one of the most recognized and respected high school diplomas in the world. Through it, students have the chance to enter more than 600 universities and colleges in nearly 50 countries. For IBDP students at UWC-USA, the options are seemingly endless for those up for a challenge.

UWC-USA’s intimate classroom environments and emphasis on personalized learning complement such rigor perfectly. Comfortable and engaged, Skakri has customized her curriculum to advance her knowledge of math, physics, English, Arabic, global politics, and the arts. Her choices transported her around the world.

“I have special memories with my professor of world politics because of a week-long trip our class took to southern New Mexico,” she explains. “Although the lessons I learned were great, I will never forget when he drove me to Walmart to replace the glasses I lost.”

Skakri’s journey is a great example of how UWC-USA’s IBDP approach includes real-world experiences through experiential education and cultural perspectives. To complete the program, all students must participate in Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) – which is divided into four distinctive program areas: Nature, Arts and Culture, Sustainability, and Bartos Institute for Constructive Conflict Engagement (CEC), which stands out for its ability to change the world.


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The CEC program was designed to provide students with formal opportunities to learn essential life skills in peacemaking, conflict resolution, goal setting, and collaboration. Thus, students enrich their own lives while improving those of others through each activity implemented. For example, students explore issues of renewable energy, water management, and food justice through “climate resilience.”

Meanwhile, “restorative justice” helps learners stay curious about differences, collaborate when problems arise, and gain understanding to help prevent problems in the future – all while working with facilities and programs for adult and juvenile justice to restore community and create real change.

The theme of improvement persists in all CAS activities. Skakri is proud of her participation in the Wilderness program, which has provided her and her peers with opportunities to challenge themselves and develop leadership skills while cultivating a greater appreciation for the natural resources around them.


Source: UWC-USA

Each UWC-USA opportunity played a vital role in helping Skakri forge lasting bonds, which collectively inspired her passion for helping others. “I’m currently a member of a club that focuses on student welfare,” she explains. “Our role is to talk to students who are going through difficult situations and provide them with support without breaking their confidence.”

Skakri is certain that her mission will continue once she graduates and joins the university of her dreams, just like the many graduates before her who have dedicated their careers to making a difference. They credit their time to UWC-USA for shaping them to be life change makers.

To date, students and faculty complete more than 17,000 hours of community service each year, living the core values ​​of UWC’s mission. Every minute spent working in shelters, tutoring children, or renovating community centers strengthens their ability to spend the rest of their lives promoting justice, peace, and equity in their quest. of global leadership.

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