Are Steven and Alina still together in 2022?

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Alina and Steven Johnston surprisingly got married, but many viewers aren’t sure if they’re still together.

Alina and Steven Johnston had a lot 90 day fiance fans are rooting for their breakup on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, but it turns out the duo is still going strong in 2022. Alina and Steven’s relationship has been riddled with many red flags, including Steven’s religious hypocrisy and ongoing infidelity. However, Steven and Alina shockingly defied odds by revealing a seemingly working marriage in 2022.

Mormon man Steven and young Russian woman Alina fell in love with each other despite Alina not being a Mormon. Steven pressured Alina hard to convert to his strict religion, which included remaining a virgin until marriage. He even spat out wine after drinking it, so as not to ingest alcohol. However, Steven dropped the bomb that he had slept with multiple women, and even encountered one while talking to Alina. The Tell-All then revealed that Steven had snuck into nearly a dozen female DMs, despite being married to Alina. Even with Steven’s ex-girlfriend arriving to warn Alina, she still controversially chose to stay with Steven. This led many viewers to believe that Alina would soon be heartbroken.


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Many 90 day fiance Fans of the franchise expected huge heartache for young Alina, but her marriage to Steven is thriving on Instagram. Steven revealed that marrying Alina completely changed him as a person, making him grow and mature. While many viewers find it hard to believe the franchise villain has changed so dramatically, Steven says he’s a new man after getting married. This allowed his relationship with Alina to flourish. The young couple have had many adventures together and showcased them on their social media accounts. In fact, they seem to be one of the happiest and most successful couples in the entire franchise.

Steven and Alina Johnston 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way Season 3

The surprised couple 90 day fiance fans by taking their cat camping in Turkey recently. Steven and Alina actually decided to live in Turkey, the country in which they chose to meet on The other side. They met there because it was the easiest country for them to travel to, aiming to get married during the pandemic. Steven and Alina also enjoyed vacations in Egypt, in addition to vacations in Greece. Alina even had the chance to get a taste of Steven’s life in the United States, when she joined him in Utah for a trek. Steven and Alina look elated in all of their pictures and are not currently plagued by infidelity allegations.

Although the odds were against Alina and Steven, the couple surprised many 90 day fiance fans with their seemingly joyous marriage. However, some viewers find it hard to believe that Steven has really changed, given his unfaithful and extravagant behavior on the show. On the other hand, Steven and Alina’s marriage is enhanced by his impeccable Russian skills. He is the rare American 90 day fiance actor who speaks the same language as his partner, although he is much hated by fans of the franchise. However, this did not affect his relationship with Alina.

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