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Cross-border and international remote work has exploded after the pandemic. Talent shortages, compounded by the Great Resignation workplace redefinition, are encouraging employers to find people from a global talent pool.

However, with the proliferation of moving packages, less than 10% of employees choose to pay for services at destination. Many others are not eligible for any relocation assistance from the employer, which means employees face very stressful and potentially costly relocations on their own.

The winner of this award, digital destination service provider (DSP) PerchPeek, supports employers and employees on the move and serves this increasingly relevant space in the competitive global mobility market.

An accessible and affordable technology-enabled relocation experience for employees, “PerchPeek is a shining example of how technology is the servant of global mobility, successful businesses and the employee experience,” said the judges.

Democratizing major relocation assistance

At 70% cheaper than most traditional DSPs, PerchPeek’s app-based service is accessible to a much wider range of people on the go. Covering hundreds of destinations around the world at an affordable price, PerchPeek’s inclusivity promotes positive physical relocation experiences, healthy transitions, employee well-being and engagement.

The PerchPeek app combines award-winning technology with a global team of experts, who together offer personalized advice to people on the move at every stage of their move – from pre-departure advice calls, to moving pets, help with education and tours of the area, banking services. , language learning, cultural integration and registration on arrival, finding accommodation and support at the end of the mission.

Customer satisfaction scores reflect the huge success of this winning combination. At one enterprise, PerchPeek increased DSP utilization from 7% to 47%, which boosted engagement and productivity.

PerchPeek has helped over 7,000 people so far, earning an impressive 165 TrustPilot reviews with a score of 93%/4.8 out of 5, and many glowing testimonials.

High value benefits at all levels

PerchPeek couldn’t achieve this success with just one app. Its team of people – which has grown from 25 to 75 over the past 12 months – add the essential human touch to relocation on incredibly personal journeys.

Based on company values, which include curiosity, empathy, customer obsession and fun, PerchPeek team members are able to tailor the relocation experience to each individual. after their introductory call. They set the tone for the move, helping customers select the DSP services most important to them that will form the basis of their “My Perch” dashboard and personal in-app action checklist.

This is supported by instant messaging and in-app property recommendations so clients “can find a place they really like”, which PerchPeek compares to “having a consultant readily available in your pocket”.

This culture of high performance is celebrated and supported through a range of engagement initiatives, which enable PerchPeek ‘Perchies’ to enjoy their work and go above and beyond every day. These include ongoing training and development, individual learning and development budgets, recognition programs, and wellness benefits like recharge days and remote work.

“By bringing all processes together on one platform, we are helping to make the relocation experience much simpler, smoother and more enjoyable for every employee, and enabling employers to provide a high-value employee benefit,” says PerchPeek.

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This article is taken from the 2022 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.

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