Bradford Charity prepares to welcome Afghan refugees in Yorkshire



A BRADFORD-based charity is preparing to help Afghan refugees quickly settle into their new homes in Yorkshire as they flee Taliban control in their country.

The QED Foundation will build on 30 years of experience welcoming vulnerable newcomers as Britain prepares to provide sanctuary for thousands of people most at risk.

“We have been helping refugees rebuild their lives in this country for over three decades now,” said Director General Dr Mohammed Ali OBE.

“We take the time to get to know each of them so that our support meets their individual needs; whether it’s help looking for work and finding their feet in the UK or just being there when they need to talk.

“We have worked with refugees from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Bhutan, Eritrea, Sudan, Kuwait and many other countries, as well as with people who have come to join their husbands, women and families in the UK. We now look forward to being able to help Afghan citizens who come to the Yorkshire region and to enable those moving elsewhere to other regions to find the support they need.

The association’s programs allow newcomers from all over the world to improve their English skills and integrate into British society. They include a package of tailor-made aids for the development of employment-related skills, job search and business creation, as well as the provision of information, advice and guidance to meet the needs. individual.

The program also helps people understand how public services such as local government, health, education and the criminal justice system work and gives an introduction to British traditions and culture, including tours of heritage sites .

They allow 1,000 people to settle into a new life in Britain every year. They inform his campaign work which has enabled him to work with key decision makers in the private and public sectors to transform the lives of disadvantaged ethnic minority communities across the UK.

The government’s new Afghan Citizen Resettlement Program will support people who have been displaced from their homes by the current crisis. It prioritizes women, girls, children and those most at risk of human rights abuses or mistreatment by the Taliban. It will serve as a refuge for 5,000 people fleeing the country in the first year and up to 20,000 in the long term.

It is distinct from the Afghan Resettlement and Assistance Policy, which prioritizes resettlement in the UK for current or former local staff who are assessed as being in serious danger of death.

The QED Foundation has been improving the social and economic position of disadvantaged communities in partnership with the public, private and voluntary sectors since 1990. Its main objective is to enable and support traditional organizations to work more effectively with ethnic minority groups. It also provides education, training, employment and health services directly to communities.

The QED Foundation promotes a positive image of Britain’s ethnic minority groups and celebrates their successes.

More recently, the charity provided emergency aid to children and youth most at risk of harm due to the Covid pandemic.

He worked with the Barnardo charity to identify vulnerable and isolated youth by providing a helpline, online counseling, access to interactive resources and therapy as part of the Sea, Hear, Respond service. .

Dr Ali also expressed his support for the city of Culture 2025 bid which he said will help promote racial harmony in the district.

The QED Foundation has been working with different ethnic groups since 1990.


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