CHS Senior Morgan Bradbury Receives World Language Student Award

CHS senior Morgan Bradbury (l) and his AP Spanish teacher Megan Probasco celebrate Bradbury’s Language Student of the Year award. Probasco nominated his student for the statewide award which includes a partial scholarship and a place in a study abroad program in Madrid, Spain this summer. Coronado High School senior Morgan Bradbury has been selected as a finalist for the California Language Student of the Year award. . She will receive a $2,500 scholarship and a place in the Advanced Spanish Language and Culture Program in Madrid, Spain this summer. The prize is awarded annually by the CLTA-CIEE (California Language Teachers Association – Council on International Educational Exchange).

“I’m really excited about it. I knew I wanted to study abroad in high school or college and be fluent in Spanish, but I needed financial help. It’s a great opportunity for me,” Bradbury shared, adding that immersion is the best way to develop fluency.

The CLTA-CIEE Awards recognize deserving students of world languages ​​who aspire to bring their language skills to the real world through study abroad. World language teachers across the state have the opportunity to nominate their top students.

Bradbury was nominated by her CHS AP Spanish teacher Megan Probasco. “I’m a big advocate for students with study abroad experiences. I did it when I was younger and I know what a difference it can make. Morgan told me about his desire to study abroad and his concern about the financial aspect of it. That’s why it’s so good for her,” Probasco said.

His teachers inspired Bradbury to deepen his language skills through travel. “My last three Spanish teachers all studied abroad when they were young, and all in Spain. They really influenced me,” she said.

In his nomination, Probasco highlighted Bradbury’s “eagerness to learn a foreign language and benefit from a study abroad experience.” She also advocated for Bradbury as a high school student. “Usually they only give this award to juniors or below so it was really unfair to seniors. [who didn’t have the opportunity the past two years because there were no programs during Covid].”

Bradbury is a new student on the CHS campus this year. Her father works for the US Coast Guard and the family moved to Coronado last spring. She was previously homeschooled but is enjoying her final year at CHS and looking forward to her summer in Spain. She hasn’t decided on a college yet, but plans to study to become a speech therapist.

Source: Coronado Unified School District

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