Claimants’ Representatives in Indian Residential School Day Fellows Class Action Respond to Federal Court Approval of Settlement Agreement



Federal Court Judge McDonald approved a settlement agreement for residential school day school survivors and their children in the Gottfriedson v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada class action.

Following a settlement approval hearing in early September, the court determined that the settlement agreement is fair, reasonable and in the best interests of the survivors and descendants of the group. In rendering her decision, Justice McDonald took into account the submissions of counsel for the Survivors and Descendants group and for Canada, as well as the written and oral statements of the members of the group.

Under the terms of the settlement, each eligible Day Scholar will be able to seek individual compensation of $ 10,000 for harms (other than sexual abuse or serious physical abuse), including psychological harm and loss of language and culture. related to residential school attendance. The settlement also provides for a $ 50 million Day School Revitalization Fund to support the healing and linguistic and cultural recovery of day schools and their children.

Former shishalh chief Garry Feschuk, who initiated the action with his colleague from T’kemlups, former chief Shane Gottfriedson over 10 years ago, made the following statement:

“This settlement will ensure that compensation for survivors and their descendants occurs during their lifetime. Once we are ready to proceed with compensation, there will be a straightforward claims process. This was designed to minimize the burden on Day Scholars and their descendants. “

Selina August and Jeanette Jules representing the Shishalh and T’kemlups nations who initiated this process to seek redress for their Day Scholars and all Day Scholars provided the following statement:

“Our members who were day schools told us that they too suffered punishment for speaking our language and practicing our culture while they were in schools during the day. It was horrible and our day schools were once again left out, just as their suffering was ignored in the residential school regulations. We have now ensured that all Day Scholars who were alive as of May 30, 2005 are compensated for their “Common Experience Payment” and that no one is left behind. “

Applicants will only need to complete a simple form and will not need to provide information about their residential school experiences.

Survivors cannot claim compensation at this time. A settlement notice will be sent shortly to inform you of the process and the start date of the claim. The complaints process to seek compensation for day fellows will be open in early December subject to further direction from the Court.

Survivors and descendants are encouraged to check out the Justice for Day Scholars website and follow the Facebook information page for regular updates on the settlement and claims process. Details of the settlement agreement, as well as the supports that will be available once the claims process begins, will be available on the website.

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Day Fellows and descendants who have questions about the Settlement Agreement can contact Class Counsel (Waddell Phillips) toll-free.

Phone: 1-888-222-6845 (toll free)

Fax: 416 477-1657

Email: [email protected]

CONTACT: Titilayo Ajibose Argyle 437-788-2120 [email protected]

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