Cong leader Shergill comments on dispute over national language

Amid the ongoing national language debate, Congressman Jaiveer Shergill said Thursday that ignorance of regional languages ​​is no reason to impose one language on everyone. Joining the conversation, Shergill said cultural diversity is what makes India great. His reaction came after a row over the national language was started by actor Ajay Devgn as he claimed ‘Hindi was, is and always will be our national language’.

Jaiveer Shergill took to Twitter to express his disagreement with the idea of ​​Hindi being the national language. The congressional spokesperson, while answering the line, noted that he knows several languages ​​and is proud of them. He further joined other Congress leaders and said that one language should not be imposed on different cultures.

Fighting for multilingual cultures, Shergill wrote: “Speaking in Punjabi gives me a sense of pride, Hindi connects me to the heart of Hindi, knowing English makes me feel like part of the world order , not knowing regional languages ​​is my handicap and not a reason to impose 1 language on all – Multilingual/cultural diversity is what makes Bharat Mahan!

This came after Congress leader Siddaramaiah claimed on Wednesday that Hindi would never be the national language. Slamming Devgn’s tweet, the former CM said it is the duty of Indians to respect “the linguistic diversity of the country”.

Ajay Devgn and Kichcha Sudeep engage in language debate

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn and Kannada actor-filmmaker Kiccha Sudeep have started a debate over the national language after engaging in a ‘fraternal argument’ on the microblogging platform over the hotly debated topic of the national language .

However, Sudeep clarified that the context in which he made the comment was different from how it was perceived. He said he did not intend to provoke, hurt or start a debate. During the launch of the trailer for A: The deadliest gangster of all timeSudeep said Hindi is no longer the national language.

“You (comrade) said that the Kannada film (KGF-2) had a pan-Indian effect. Let there be a correction – Hindi is no longer a national language. Hindi (the film industry ) should say that they are making pan-Indian films today. They are struggling to dub their films in Tamil and Telugu, but it is not happening (business),” Sudeep previously said.

However, the statement did not go over well with Ajay Devgn. He tweeted in Hindi, which translates to “@KicchaSudeep bro, according to you if Hindi is not our national language then why are you releasing your movies, made in your native language, dubbing them in Hindi? Hindi was, is and always will be our mother tongue and our national language. Jan Gan Man.

The cast went back and forth on Twitter before Devgn noted there was a “misunderstanding” and “something got lost in translation.”

However, the tweets started a row with several politicians reacting to the same thing.

Image: ANI

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