COVID-19 cases in dozens of Ottawa schools and Blu-ray returned to the Kingston store nine years later: Top five stories this week



OTTAWA – COVID-19 cases in Ottawa schools on the rise, The Ottawa Hospital apologizes for sharing the names of unvaccinated employees, and rented film returned to a Kingston store nine years ago later. is reviewing the top five articles on our website this week.

COVID-19 outbreaks were declared in four French-language schools in Ottawa less than three weeks after the start of the school year.

In addition, on Friday there were active cases of COVID-19 in 49 schools across Ottawa’s four public school boards.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce told CTV News Ottawa this week that the government has spent more than $ 600 million to improve ventilation in schools and is ready to do more to keep children safe. school this fall.

“While it is recommended to elevate our already cautious protocol, I am comfortable doing so,” Lecce said, adding that he was in constant communication with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr Kieran Moore.

“We are ready to do whatever is required of us to make sure your child can stay in school and stay safe.”

Ottawa Public Health has declared COVID-19 outbreaks in four schools. The schools are:

  • Discovery Catholic Elementary School – Two student cases

  • Michaëlle-Jean Public Elementary School – Four student cases

  • Marius-Barbeau Catholic Elementary School – A student case, a personal case

  • Franco-Cité Catholic Elementary School – Six student cases

A few dozen people gathered outside the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus on Monday to protest COVID-19 restrictions and vaccination warrants.

The protest was announced in advance and was widely condemned by politicians and health officials.

“It’s hard not to feel a little defeated,” said ICU nurse Alison MacIvor, adding that dealing with anti-vaccine feelings is becoming more and more burdensome for healthcare workers.

The Ottawa Hospital posted a statement on Twitter ahead of the protest.

“Those who protest outside the hospital endanger not only staff and doctors, but also the hundreds of patients who come to the hospital every day for treatment,” the thread said. “Although we respect everyone’s right to freedom of expression, we do not agree with the position taken by these protesters.

“We encourage everyone to get vaccinated because it is the best form of protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.”

A counter-protester dressed in a dinosaur costume

The Ottawa Hospital has apologized to employees whose names were mistakenly visible in a mass email to unvaccinated staff last week.

The letter from the hospital’s human resources department, obtained by CTV News Ottawa, indicates that a system-generated email sent on September 8 to “employees who refused the COVID-19 vaccination” included the email addresses of the personnel in the “To” section and not as invisible carbon copies.

The original email, which CTV News Ottawa did not see, was an invitation to take an educational module on COVID-19 vaccination.

The Ottawa Hospital said the email was “immediately recalled and all copies deleted.”

The hospital has not confirmed the number of staff affected, but a source told CTV News Ottawa there are 391 names on the list.

Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus

Nine years after its rental, Role Models on Blu-ray was returned to a video rental store in Kingston.

Tom Ivison of Classic Video in downtown Kingston was browsing his weekly returns, when he saw something unusual.

“(I) had several piles, I’m going through them and I notice a bad case,” he explains. “I typed the number to return the movie, looked back a minute later and that’s where I saw it.”

Ivison says the 2008 film starring Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott was pulled on November 2, 2012.

As for late fees on a film returned nine years ago, they amount to $ 2,757.

If the man, known only publicly as “Eric”, chose any time to return it, it’s now. During the pandemic, Classic Video waives all late fees and the returnee will not have to pay a dime.

Late Kingston Video

An Ottawa man is richer by a million dollars.

Richard Wiles took home his prize this week after winning the guaranteed prize of $ 1 million in the Lotto 6/49 draw on August 7.

The winning ticket was purchased at the MacEwen gas station on Dunrobin Road.

OLG Winner


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