Dalet Flex adds new accessibility and workflow features

PARIS—Dalet has added new features to its Dalet Flex cloud-native media logistics platform that supports extensive accessibility requirements, expanded language options, and camera data management capabilities.

Dalet Flex is used by media companies, brands and sports leagues to streamline OTT, archival, cross-platform and production workflows and to improve content supply chains and viewer engagement.

The latest version of Dalet Flex adds new tools and language support that allow customers to manage, create and deliver content with even greater efficiency from the moment they capture the content, the company said.

It also adheres to the principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, making it easier for everyone, including people with disabilities, to collaborate on projects.

“Dalet Flex continues to deliver immense value with capabilities that make our customers more agile and inclusive,” said Mathieu Zarouk, Director of Product Marketing, Dalet. “We make it easy for everyone to use Dalet Flex, from the time content is captured to the time it is distributed, monetized and archived. Camera card management, deep integration with tools such as Adobe® Premiere Pro, as well as accessibility design and language support, make Dalet Flex the platform for management, strongest and most robust media production and delivery on the market.

New Dalet Flex features include:

  • Greater accessibility. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines have been developed in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world, with the aim of providing a single common standard for web content accessibility. Dalet Flex is being adapted to meet the directive’s principles of perceivable, usable, understandable and robust. Improvements range from color tweaks for greater contrast, to aria labels identifying interactive page elements, to reorganizing HTML elements and styles so common elements like checkboxes are easier to use. .
  • Extensive language support. Users can seamlessly switch the Dalet Flex interface between languages, making it easier for customers to support a multilingual workforce. Customers requiring support in another language should contact their Dalet representative for assistance.
  • Camera data conflict. Integrated with Dalet AmberFin, Dalet Flex features an advanced camera card and extensive clip handling, providing more efficient and natural handling of content from camera cards. Users can archive or restore an entire map in a single operation. Dalet AmberFin and Dalet Flex allow users to browse map assets and, for extended media, capture basic information about each underlying file. The ability to manage camera card data will allow users in the field or on set to make content available to their colleagues in a more efficient and organized way.

Those interested in seeing Dalet Flex features in action can register for a webinar on September 1, 2022 here (opens in a new tab).

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