Delta Electronics Thailand Public: Solving Real Production Puzzles with Delta’s International Exchange Program


By David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

Bangkok, Thailand, June 23, 2021-Delta Electronics Thailand is one of the only companies in the Kingdom to provide world-class training for local engineers in Taiwan through our annual Delta International Exchange Program. COVID-19 travel restrictions keep this year’s class at Delta factories in Thailand where they work in an international environment.

Today we chat with two Thai engineering students, Rachata Pikulkarntalerd and Phenpao Keeragachinda (left and right in the photo above), about their experiences in a global workplace with our Delta Thailand international exchange program. .

Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from? What are you studying and why did you choose this major / field of study?

Rachata: I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I graduated from Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School and now study Industrial Engineering with specialization in Production Design and Materials at King Mongkut Institute of Technology in Ladkrabang.

I chose to specialize in design and production material because I used to design my own Lego productions as a kid. Even now in my spare time I like to build Bandai action figures.

While playing with these kind of toys, I realized that I wanted to study the right way to design things according to the limitation of materials.

Phenpao:I come from Nonthaburi. I am studying Materials Engineering at King Mongkut University of Technology in Thonburi, Faculty of Engineering. The reason I chose Materials Engineering is because I thought it would be a lot of fun!

Engineering is a field that solves the most important problems in our world and can answer the “why” for most things that happen in everyday life.

How did you find out about the Delta International Exchange program and why did you sign up?

Redemption: I discovered this Delta international exchange program through an advertisement in my university.

I joined this exchange program because I want to learn and master the Chinese language, make more friends and gain more experiences in real professional life.

Phenpao: My brother sent me information about this program and the reason I joined the program is because it looks interesting to me.

How long is your internship at Delta and where do you train?

Redemption:My internship is six months, from June 1, 2021 to September 31, 2021. I train and work in Delta automotive production at the Delta 1 factory in the Bangpoo industrial zone.

Phenpao:Our internship at Delta lasts 6 months. I am in training in the Supplier Quality Management section of Delta.

What are your main roles as a Delta Thailand intern and what is the most interesting part of your job?

Redemption:At Automobile Production, my daily duty is to collect data such as cycle time and model of each product on the production line.

The most interesting part of my training is that my mentor gives me a real job and I have to finish it within the time my mentor sets me. Now she even lets me design fixtures for future use. I can’t wait to do more useful work like this.

Phenpao:My main role here as an intern is to help the team improve the quality of suppliers. I am interested in the quality improvement process which uses Six Sigma concepts.

What are the most valuable skills you can acquire through your internship at Delta Thailand, and how will this help you in your future career?

Phenpao:The most valuable skills I have learned at Delta are analytical thinking skills and being prepared to deal with all kinds of issues that may arise on the job.

Redemption:I think the most valuable skill that I can learn here is Chinese language because in my opinion a third language can give me advantages and a chance to be promoted to a higher rank.

I can also use it to communicate well with other employees who speak Chinese and understand them very well.

How does your supervisor support your internship experience and how do you learn to work with others?

Redemption: My supervisor supports me by telling my mentor to give me real work experience and I appreciate that. I learn a lot of things working with my mentor.

I learned that I have to work fast and even though I work faster, I have to pay attention to every detail as much as possible to do a more professional job.

Phenpao:My supervisor supports our internship experience by giving us the opportunity to learn different aspects of the job from the start. It’s like being a new employee here at Delta, even for interns.

What do you find unique about Delta Thailand?

Redemption:What’s unique is that when I see some systems that can be improved, I can suggest it to someone to improve. This is necessary to protect the quality of the product.

Phenpao:The uniqueness of the culture at Delta that I have discovered is the teamwork and the family atmosphere here.

What are the most important factors for you when choosing a company to work for after graduation?

Redemption:In my opinion, the joy of working with a company should come first because it will make your job great. With a great job, you can get promoted and have more motivation to make even more quality products.

Phenpao:For me, the most important factors are the excellent reputation of the company and a good image of the company.

Can you share your upcoming projects and do you have any ideas to improve the internship experience?

Phenpao:I don’t have a very long term plan. I just try to do my best every day and learn as much as possible.

Redemption:My next plan is to learn the Japanese language to have more advantages with language skills. Maybe I will study for my masters in Japan and apply for a job there for 3-4 years to gain more experience and experience the working cultures of different countries.

If I come back to apply to work with Delta, I hope my experiences will help the company to make more profit and be famous all over the world.

Enter the world of international engineering at Delta

Are you a Thai engineering student who wants to see the world and get real work experience? To learn more about the Delta International Intern Exchange Program, see our Delta Thailand Careers Pageor contact our HR today.

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