Education matters: the bilingual program is personal for this local teacher



FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – The office of the superintendent of schools in Fresno County is honoring one of its own for his work in teaching another language to young children. For this teacher, his commitment to the bilingual program is personal.

The highly rated bilingual program of the office at Lighthouse for Children. It is aimed at kindergarten students aged 3 to 5.

“What we are offering here is a 50-50 program,” explained teacher Eva Rosa Zinzun. “We provide some support in the development of the English language, but we also offer this component in the Spanish language. “

Some of these children come from homes where Spanish is spoken, others come to class without any Spanish, but they soak up the language like sponges.

Master teacher Maritza Ceballos is passionate about teaching a second language to young children, knowing herself what it is like to walk into a classroom without speaking the language. She thinks it takes a special kind of teacher to help students who are learning a language they don’t know. She also worked with the Fresno Language Lab to develop a Learner Toolkit that is used statewide for those who teach bilingual learners.

Research shows that students in bilingual programs do better in school – and this improves their problem-solving and listening skills. There is the added benefit of having students who grow up being bilingual.

For her innovative work, Ceballos was named Employee of the Month by the Fresno County School Superintendent.


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