Florida Democrats Announce Coordinated ‘One Future Florida’ Campaign

Florida Democrats are unveiling their “One Future Florida” campaign on Tuesday, in coordination with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the U.S. Senate City Council elections.

To lead the campaign, the Florida Democratic Party announced the hiring of Ferguson Yacyshyn as One Future Florida’s Coordinated Campaign Director. Yacyshyn is a Sarasota native and a veteran of Democratic campaigns in Florida, Iowa and Virginia.

One Future Florida will house Florida Democrats’ organizing, voter registration, voter protection, and data infrastructure for local, state, national, and U.S. Senate election campaigns in 2022.

Florida Democrats say they are opening the campaign trail earlier this year than in previous campaign cycles, launching door-to-door and voter registration programs.

“From local city council races to our statewide campaigns against Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis, Florida Democrats are going to run and win everywhere this year, and the launch of One Future Florida puts us on the right track to get there. Floridians are tired of self-serving Republican politicians who are more focused on advancing their own careers than what is best for Florida,” the FDP chairman said. Manny A. Diaz said in a press release.

“Our campaign will focus on engaging diverse communities across the state earlier than in recent cycles to ensure we elect leaders at all levels who will work for us,” Diaz continued.

The campaign will open bilingual field offices and hire bilingual organizers across the state.

Florida Democrats said One Future Florida would “prioritize engaging and mobilizing constituencies across the state that have long been instrumental in Democratic victories.” One goal: to build lasting relationships in key Black and Latino communities across the state.

Florida Democrats also discussed sending Spanish-speaking staff “to help address misinformation in Latino communities and barriers to voting specific to Black and Latino communities.”

“One Future Florida is designed to harness the immense grassroots enthusiasm across the state for leaders who will put hardworking Floridians first,” Yacyshyn said in the release.

“Launching this campaign early will allow us to connect with more people and empower more community leaders who will form the backbone of strong campaigns throughout the ballot. As a Florida native, I’m excited to get to work in my home state leading a multilingual team that will help Florida Democrats win at every level this year by meeting voters where they are found.

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