FROM THE EXTENSION OFFICE: Focus on Fathers program offered | Community

Fathers play a vital role in the growth and development of their child. The involvement of the father is important. For example, the relationship between a father and a child has a profound impact on the healthy development of children in language, thinking, physical and social-emotional learning.

Pattie Carroll, a human development and relationship educator, says previous research shows that children whose fathers are involved in their daily care, such as feeding, bathing and playing together, tend to be more confident; and, as children grow, they benefit from stronger social bonds with their peers. Additionally, fathers who care for, feed, and play with their babies actually raise children with higher IQs and children with better language and cognitive skills.

Involved fathers improve their children’s communication skills because they tend to ask children questions, which builds vocabulary and conversation skills. Positive father involvement includes direct interaction with children, including caregiving and shared activities. As part of the Raising Wisconsin’s Children Extension Parenting series, a group of extension educators offer this father-centered program. The program is aimed at fathers of children ages 0-12, but all fathers and father figures are welcome.

Carroll and other extension educators will host Focus on Fathers, where fathers can explore parenting tips and learn ways to strengthen a relationship with your child.

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