Golden rules for expressing the right

How can a person create power in this world? The power to believe and communicate that belief is the power a person can create.

How does this belief turn into communication?

Conversion happens with pure intention. Let’s understand different descriptions. We learn to communicate from birth in different ways, and then we start talking at age two or more. We go to great lengths to learn to speak well. We work on our fluidity, our modulation, our tone, our expression, our pronunciations and learn to communicate well.

Communication makes a person better in the process of expression and thought. We learn to express our thoughts correctly, to express our opinions on everything without hurting anyone, to express our imagination and to express our feelings in relationships. For our professional part, we learn how to give interviews, manage meetings, address gatherings, solve problems and continue to meet new people in life.

For each individual, communication is their only weapon that can portray what he wants to say. Whether it is conversations, making friends, answering questions, responding to others, performing different jobs and their explanations, doing various activities, learning additional skills to perform better, to manage themselves in public places, to make an effort to show up for an interview and to present It is a drastic change that an individual must work on for their communication skills in different areas of life.

What a person most needs to learn in communication is that it allows us to understand its three basic characteristics:

• What to say?

• When to say?

• How to say?

A person who focuses on the above can become a very good communicator. If a person knows what to say but fails to present the way it is acceptable or if a person knows how something should be communicated but does not use the appropriate words or a person who knows both has no sense of timing; in all of these situations, it’s miscommunication.

A lot of people say I communicated if the other person didn’t understand that’s not their problem. But to be very specific, communication happens when the other person understands what is being communicated. Unless the other person understood, your communication is not correct.

Also, we often see people communicating with someone and assuming that it will be communicated in the third person. There are two issues with this situation, one is that the communication is open to additional tones and biases and the second is that delivery cannot be guaranteed unless confirmed. The best communication is when it is made to the right person, but if it goes through an intermediary person, it must be indicated very clearly.

In fact, talking about eighty percent of communication in this world is ambiguous and that is the reason why there is sometimes so much confusion over little things. Conflicts in this professional and personal world exist due to not communicating properly. We expect people to follow, we assume people get it, we think it’s communicated well, but constantly improving the way we communicate makes us more successful in life. I believe that simple apps make life simple, so I would like to give some tips that can help you like 6 golden rules to communicate well. This can lead to near-perfect intention-to-belief and belief-to-communication conversions for you.

6 golden rules

Think about what you want to say before you say it

♦ Decide on the appropriate time

♦ Be sure of your tone, body language and presentation

♦ Do preferably to the right person rather than through another person

♦ Make sure the other person understands what you are saying

♦ Above all, say what you mean and mean what you say

If you noticeably improve your communication skills, your expression will not depend on others. You will always be sure that you delivered what you wanted. Sure, there would be some situations that might still make you feel like you need some improvement, but at least your basics will be effortless.

Communication as a tool for our expression in all its forms defines how we manage our presence in all kinds of situations and how we should behave and speak in all places. The investment of time to communicate well is the best investment because the word makes us aware of our existence. So, “Intend, Believe, and Communicate Properly to Achieve Complete Success in All You Do.”

(The author is the Performance Coach ( For more questions, you can write your questions on [email protected])

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