Grant to fund a Chinese and astronomy camp



Ying Feng Kline, professor of Chinese at Penn State University, will be the main instructor of the summer academy. Dr. Yanfei Zhu, associate professor of visual arts at UNG, and faculty members from Georgia Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, High Point University, Hamilton College and other schools will offer online conferences for pre-camp and post-camp activities.

“It is rare to get the chance to tackle both science and Chinese language learning, and yet Professor He’s dedication to this initiative will provide a truly special learning experience,” Dr Christopher Jespersen , dean of the College of Arts & Letters, said. “We look forward to hosting Camp STARTALK at UNG.”

UNG has hired four professional tutors and two flagship UNG Chinese language students who are on track to work with students in spring 2022.

The mission of STARTALK is to support “student training and teacher development programs for languages ​​less commonly taught and for critical needs that meet national security and defense priorities”.

Dr D. Brian Mann, head of the modern and classical languages ​​department, said research shows that teaching Chinese earlier helps students deepen their knowledge and will prepare them well for advanced studies at UNG.

“It allows them to take their Chinese fluency further,” Mann said.

Applications for the Spring 2022 tutoring are open until November 1. Accepted students will meet individually with their tutor online for half an hour per week for 17 weeks during the spring semester.

There will be a separate application process for the residential camp from June 5-18, but students receiving private lessons will be encouraged to apply. Students attending the camp will have access to post-camp learning activities.


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