Holby City spoilers: Jac dead after shock collapse?

Can anyone find Jac? (Photos: BBC)

That doesn’t look good for Holby City’s top cardiac surgeon, Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel). The last time we saw her, she was lying motionless on the floor of her office, having had a seizure. Will Max (Jo Martin) reach it in time? Or is this the end for Jac Naylor?

It followed a day of high pressure for Jac, as the hospital was again inspected to see if it had managed to get him out of his former failing status.

Newly returning Eli (Davood Ghadami) and Nicky (Belinda Owusu) had to do what Jac described as a “very ambitious abdominal thoracic aneurysm repair”, which was as difficult to do as it was to spell. With blood spurting everywhere and Nicky facing a childcare emergency, Jac had to step in and help Eli with an emergency experimental use of Eli’s descending aortic stent.

She pretty much kept things together as the operation went off successfully, but right after that she was gone. As Max and Hanssen (Guy Henry) waited for her to appear to make her big presentation to the hospital inspectors, we saw her lying on the floor of her office. It’s going to be a tight wait until next week.

Jac in Holby City

Jac’s deteriorating health meant she was struggling seriously in the theater (Photo: BBC)

Meanwhile, Russ Faber (Simon Slater) had a spare liver on his hands after the death of a person who was due to receive a transplant on the operating table. Against protocol, Hanssen agreed to give Russ some time to find another recipient for Holby – and voila, one appeared. His name was Alan Sullivan (Neil Fox-Roberts) and his deafness allowed Donna (Jaye Jacobs) to showcase his sign language skills. His favorite word? “Booty call”, apparently.

Alan’s fiancée, Moira (Kate Lock Gaminara) was the kind of woman who had “feelings” about things and people, and she had a feeling for Hanssen. There was something positive about her future, she said. Well, if anyone deserves a break, they do.

Did Moira detect a spark between Russ and Hanssen? “Sometimes it clicks,” she told Holby’s taller doctor. Hanssen thought about Russ a bit. “Clinically, it is exceptional,” he suggested. Yes, and the rest. When Russ later invited Hanssen to “eat and drink like royalty,” Hanssen seemed amused enough to call it a “date”. He looked very disappointed when Russ said he would find some friends to party.

Madge (Claire Burt) had the day in a very cranky mood, and we discovered part of the reason when she had to change her uniform halfway through and we saw her body was covered in bruises and scars. She was obviously still in pain too, so at least some of the injuries were recent. Could Madge Face Domestic Violence? Or is there another explanation?

Madge Holby Town

What secret is Madge hiding? (Photo: BBC)

Nicky’s return brought the usual babysitting issues that all of Holby’s parents face, meaning she had to find a quick babysitter for little Juliet. Amelia (Lucy Briggs-Owen) took on the task, which was obviously difficult for her as she mourns the very recent death of her own unborn baby.

There was almost a romance between Nicky and Louis (Tyler Luke Cunningham) before she turned to multiple murderer Cameron instead, and when they saw each other in Pulses, it was a bit awkward – especially when Kylie ( Amy Murphy) leaned over to introduce herself. Nicky and Louis were a lovely couple, but it would be too sad if Kylie was heartbroken by their meeting.

Especially when Kylie comes out with such glorious lines in her mouth as she said of Nicky’s baby, “Do you think she looks like you or, uh …”

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