Buying a car (new or old) is not only a very exciting, but also a headache-making process, and it is even more interesting to find a place to buy a car. If the Latvian car dealership and car market are no longer satisfied and local car dealers who sell their private vehicles are no longer able to satisfy your wishes and needs, or just do not sell the car you want, then it is worth paying attention to the neighboring car market. Whether it is Lithuania and Estonia, or Germany, Sweden and other countries where car quality is usually much higher than in Latvia.

Despite the many different stories on the Internet from Swedish residents who go to car dealerships and to buy a car, they get very unheard of from traders, it is worth taking a look and look at the options offered by the Swedish car market, both from individuals and car dealers. . For this purpose, it is possible to visit different websites so that you do not go directly to Sweden and do not leave without a dream car failing to be found there. We recommend visiting websites such as Blocket and others.

Before buying a car abroad, remember the costs you will have to pay to bring your car to your home country and cover all the costs of car rewriting! For this purpose, make sure that you have enough money or, if necessary, evaluate the opportunities offered by the fast cash loans. Wage Loan is a great opportunity to get a cash loan in the amount of salary to cover all the costs of buying a new car.

To successfully buy your new vehicle in Sweden, follow the tips below to take you straight to your new car from Sweden!

1. Find your dream car

Searching for your new car in Sweden can go to Sweden itself or go to the different options available on the Internet before you go. As already mentioned, Blocket will be a great assistant in the search for a new car. On this website you can use a variety of filters and search tools to help you find a car in Sweden right after the criteria and needs you specify.

When searching for a car in Sweden, try to find a car with a mileage of no more than 30,000 – 50,000 kilometers, as the older car models have not only experienced and traveled half their lives, they have definitely felt the harsh winter weather, which is also the case in Sweden .

2. Check all available car information before you go see it

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Try to find all available information about the car you have found and chosen. In addition to searching for a particular car, it should even think very carefully about the car’s own make and model – to find out all the weaknesses, benefits and possible losses of the model that can occur during the life of the car. To view information about a particular car, you just need to find out the country’s registration number and then request data about the car.

Also, contacting the seller or the car sales office where the car is located will help in selecting the information about the selected vehicle. In this case, however, one must bear in mind that car placement may not always provide true information as it does here in Latvia.

3. View the market price of the selected vehicle

After choosing a new dream car in Sweden, it is necessary to look at its average market price to understand how much or too little a particular car salesman is asking for his vehicle. The market value of cars can be viewed on Bilpriser website. Knowing the average value of the car market, you will not only be able to demand a lower price for your car, but also better manage your new car search.

4. Check vehicle registration information

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Like in Latvia, Sweden also boasts a great opportunity to see and learn about car registration. It is important to look at this type of information to make sure the purchase you want to make. With the help of the Transportstyrelsen website, you will be able to view the registration information of the vehicle you have chosen by learning about the vehicle, such as: the latest technical inspection and the results obtained, the date of the next roadworthiness test, the amount and date of payment of the vehicle tax, vehicle specifications and vehicle data such as the number of owners and other information.

In order to avoid unsuccessful purchases, it is necessary to pay special attention to the date of the next technical inspection! Avoid vehicles that will be subject to technical inspection soon, as they may be damaged or with various hidden defects, which will immediately be revealed in the next technical inspection when the car is already in your possession. It is also necessary to make sure that the vehicle is subject to regular maintenance – replacement of oils, filters and other necessary items. Also pay attention to whether the car strap has been changed as much as it needs to be changed every 15,000 – 20,000 kilometers.

5. Book your chosen vehicle and go for it!

The final step in buying a car in Sweden is definitely to contact the salesperson or car dealer to book your chosen vehicle. Be sure to make sure that the seller is well aware that you are from Latvia and that it is important for you to book a car so that it really is yours, because you are going a long way to buy a vehicle.

It is worthwhile to take a friend or acquaintance who understands something from cars or hire an independent vehicle assessor to take a car test drive and visit. These are also found in Sweden. You definitely do not want to buy a defective vehicle when a loan against a wage has been necessary to steal the last penny to buy a new car!

When you are in Sweden and look at the car, check out the main things like: tread depth of the car, performance of the car engine, oil levels, car behavior on the road, car brakes and other very important things! Even be very attentive and pay attention to any kind of flaws and defects – both technical and visual! Any defect is the reason for demanding a lower car price.

6. Make sure your finances are secure and secure

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Regardless of where your car is purchased, you need to make sure that the moment when you suddenly end or run out of money will not come to this great trip. Prepare the means to pay for the vehicle itself, as well as all vehicle re-registration costs. It even plans funds for the way back to Latvia and the vehicle registration costs in the CSDD. The last thing to be sure about is the money for car OCTA and / or CASCO insurance.

To provide yourself with the necessary and additional means of unforeseen costs at the time of buying a car, start planning your car in Sweden early! In the event of a sudden cessation of money, the loan against the wage will be an excellent aid to the emergency fund, offering a loan to the lending institution as collateral for the loan.

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