How to survive without money? Can be!

money cash


Everything comes to an end (well … maybe except for expenses, this toilet paper, which in a certain advertisement is softer than velvet and blames for everything that mean nasty neighbor from below). And so … you look into your wallet and there … emptiness

A void greater than the one that had the head of your last ex and his new maiden, the one who took the place of Paulina’s husband’s brain when he left her after 18 years of marriage, than the one you feel when your mother asks you again , when you become a wife (and then probably a mother, but fortunately he does not mention this mercifully, come back does not yet mention) and from the one that appears instead of some brilliant answer when some suspicious type in the club (for the same you would put him in checks for a minimum of 15 years) asks you why such a beautiful lady is alone here (and the only thing you want to give him is a basket and such that he will remember for a long time).

Let’s leave the emptiness in the male heads, tfu heads for now and take care of your wallet, which like your figure definitely remembered better times. How do you survive when you run out of money? About it below.


money cash


I bet this thought first appeared in your head when you were thinking about how to survive without money.

You can ask her family (and listen for another year about how they helped you, how you are not doing well in this big city and how it is possible that you lack money, since Anetka from the opposite side has a good job, good earnings, and recently even with some tall boyfriend she went by the hand), friends (and then answer the questions, how did it happen, that you have no money, complains, that you certainly keep this buca called until recently by all your boyfriend, just admit you don’t want to and that this last gift for his birthday was completely unnecessary, because everyone except you knew that it won’t survive) or friends (if they still remember what you look like, because you last saw them when you were also 8 kilos thinner).

If you have a child, you can borrow money from him and once again feel like the worst mother in the world, who robs her defenseless (for show) kid from recent savings (which admittedly accumulated thanks to you, but it does not matter now).

Saving on food

money cash

You can start eating on solar energy like one of the Polish stars (it will be hard, because the sun is getting less and less, but maybe your figure will thank you for it), eat sorrel (the month is not the same, the season is also, but apparently who is looking for, this one will find, so maybe you can see some green leaves under the snow cover), or with love for the world and people.

However, if you do not like greens, your knowledge of energy ends with the fact that “the body thrown on the bed loses resistance” and people would be more likely to shoot (why this damn ammunition is so expensive) than hug to your big heart (admittedly only your heart is big now), then you can think of more rational savings.Try to shop once a week (maybe you will survive) in large stores (yes, you will have to come across and with angelic patience to endure those who, like you, decided to spend Saturday afternoon and reckon with the fact that someone pokes you here, will push you here, here it will enter you in four letters – as if it would be difficult to see them and that the queue in which you will eventually set up will be slower than the one you are observing with growing irritation).

Pay attention to promotions and sales, but instead of swallowing information about them as a lady of light manners sperm – read the information in small print (take home these little facial glasses that will improve the sharpness of your vision and do not worry about the fact that you look like a victim in them domestic violence, because life is not a romantic comedy and love of life between the shelf with bread and frozen food and you probably won’t meet anyway) and make sure that the promotion is a promotion.

Sell ​​unnecessary items

money cash


A dress that you can’t fit in for two years is unlikely to be useful to you, just like those long white gold earrings in which you have nowhere to go.The same goes for this shoddy amber jewelry set you got from a former one who has “forgotten” that you are allergic to amber.

You can also sell this glass table from your would-be mother-in-law, which you are afraid of whenever your friends come to you. If you find a stupid person who buys these items from you, you may somehow survive until the next payday. Alternatively, you may run into your friends’ questions about whether you are moving out, because it has become so empty in your apartment. At this point, you can make a bad face and pretend you’ve just become a minimalist. It’s so fashionable now!


Go out on the street …

money cash


No, not for the purpose you just thought, because neither age nor conditions are not. If you do not have enough money to survive earn extra money, e.g. as a hostess. You can also hand out leaflets, statistic in the latest film (and what if someone notices you and you become a star? And maybe more than one season). You can (if you have time for it) look for additional work that will provide you with a small, but stable income. Will it help you survive without money? Not really, but it will improve your financial situation for longer.

Think about what you are good at and … take care of it

money cash


The bad news is that the ability to make the largest chewing gum balloons, loud burping or farting so that no one notices it is rather unhelpful (it would be hard to cash).Nobody will be interested in the fact that you can eat the most donuts. Or that you play great on people’s nerves or that you can do makeup in less than a minute. You can go to some talent show. And hope that you will bring the jury to your knees.

Unless it falls from laughter before, and you will be admitted before their esteemed faces. It is more likely that you will die of hunger waiting for your media 5 minutes than that you will be noticed and invited to the next stage.

Become a skunk

money cash


Don’t spend money left and right (neither right nor left). Save on what you can. Only without exaggeration. Nobody says you have to eat pasta with ketchup for a week. Pasta is fat, and you already have something to throw.There are two ways to be rich. The first is to have a fortune. Rather, you are not in danger unless you get married richly. Or he won’t remember you cousin America. The second is … reduce your needs.

The second solution remains. Financial asceticism only hurts at the beginning. So … combine it before your money is completely gone!


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