Human-centric innovation MATLDA AI robot



MATLDA is an intelligent, person-centered, multilingual social robot with human-like functionality designed to provide holistic care services; for example, emotional well-being, multilingual translation and vital signs.

Available in physical, virtual (telehealth) and mixed reality forms, the robot communicates with its human partners via the face, gestures, voice commands, smartphone, touch screen, SMS messages or e-mail. It is an Australian innovation and the result of 10 years of research in the areas of elder care, disability support, education and robot process automation respectively.

As a proactive device, MATLDA has proven, through home and institutional care deployments, to be an advantage over online health monitoring and screen-based systems because of its ‘human qualities’. elicit higher levels of emotional, visual and behavioral engagement in patients. Even patients with limited technology knowledge and those with mental or physical disabilities can interact with the device.

The robot works offline (full data privacy) as well as online and can help you in the following areas: providing emotional well-being, monitoring, reminders, remote patient management in hospital and at home , including smart home services for high-risk seniors. The device may also help reduce the premature escalation of care modalities for the elderly due to lack of home support systems.

Other features and benefits include: medication monitoring and communication of patient conditions and needs to medical staff on their smartphones to reduce and avoid avoidable hospital stays; augmented intelligence through lifestyle analysis, cloud-based patient service management, posture tracking, fall detection, anti-wandering services; social connectivity to aid patient recovery and provide respite for caregivers and medical staff; integrating big lifestyle data with clinical management systems for better treatment and diagnosis of various chronic diseases and mental health issues; administration and workflow automation functions.


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