IIT-I will design an application for groundwater management


Indore IIT Indore is working on the design of an application for groundwater management. This was announced at a workshop on “Groundwater Management” organized by the Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG), IIT Indore in association with IIT Delhi, under the leadership of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat (EBSB). The event was organized under the leadership of Dr Niraj Kumar Shukla, EBSB-organizer, and Dr Aruna Tiwari (RuTAG team coordinator) with the help of Udit Kumar (EBSB club leader) and his team. Professor Neelesh Kumar Jain, officiating director of IIT Indore, said: “Water conservation has become a big issue today with increasing needs and depletion of resources.

The groundwater level must be measured and a corresponding analysis must be carried out. This app will play an important role and promote the government’s “Har Ghar Nal, Har Ghar Jal” mission.

He also asked the team to explore the possibility of making the app available in the regional language.

Dr Niraj Kumar Shukla said: “The app contains many advanced features including geotag, add / edit / display / delete data function, water level visualization, water level comparison. water and multilingual functionality.

The aim of the program is to explain water management through an application that will be very useful and important for our society to save water.

Further, Dr Shukla added: “Under RuTAG of EBSB IIT Indore, Dr Aruna Tiwari and his students Deepali Sukhija, Deepika Sukhija and Anjali Gupta developed the app under the mentorship of Professor SK Saha, RuTAG coordinator of IIT Delhi.

A memorandum of understanding and patent for the app are pending, and the app will be available after approximately two months.

During the event, many officials from the municipal companies of Indore, Ujjain, Dewas & Sagar and NGOs were present. They raised many questions regarding the usefulness of the app, and a rigorous discussion took place.

Based on the demands of society and the needs of the moment, the Institute has decided to continue to organize such events and to open a platform for dialogue between IIT Indore, IMC and NGOs for groundwater management. .

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Posted on: Tuesday November 23, 2021 12:35 am IST


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