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The song of all lawmakers about our immigration system is that it’s broken! The truth is that the system is very solvent and lawmakers don’t want to enforce the law. I checked with Congressman Bart Stupak’s office years ago to find out what exactly the immigration law is.

The secretary called the US Department of Justice in Detroit and Homeland Security. The law specifically states that as soon as a person crosses the border into the United States, it is automatically a crime, and they are immediately arrested, detained for questioning, fingerprinted, photographed, and immediately deported. He doesn’t say he’s being held in a holding area or motels with all sorts of gratuitous taxpayer compliments! Many legislators will not address this issue because they fear being labeled racist by the left-wing media!

The Governor of Texas just pulled off a publicity stunt that was useless. All they will do in DC is ship them all over the country. What the governor should have done, and would have been a national hero, was to defy Washington and uphold the laws on the books. Who can say that it is wrong to apply the law? He could have, by law, the local militia supporting him against the Washington thugs.

The IRS eventually returned him to Disney World for his political behavior.

Now is the time for them to crack down on these tax-exempt religious groups that sponsor illegal immigrants and ignore the laws of the land by circumventing Congress and taxpayers. When they have to pay taxes, they will not be so generous.

This open door policy is an unconstitutional mandate from special interest groups that will transform this united country into a multicultural and multilingual landmass.



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