Language education begins with preschool imitation

Language education begins with preschool imitation

Scientific research shows that language learning begins with imitation in kindergarten and turns into a skill in childhood and youth. kazanhe is on the bill. Developed in an all-inclusive concept under the guidance of native English-speaking instructors in Turkey, the boot camps bring together children and young people from different countries around the world, creating cultural interaction.

Although the opinion that children are more likely to learn foreign languages ​​in the preschool period is quite common, scientific research brings a new approach to this thesis. A study conducted in Israel reveals that children who start learning a foreign language after infancy are more advantaged. According to the research, which determined that the foreign language learning skills of 14-21 year olds, defined as young adults, are more advanced than those of 12 year olds, language learning skills that begin with l imitation in the preschool period reach maturity level as the age progresses.

Emphasizing that the benefits of foreign language education provided at different stages of life also vary by age, UP English Camps Director Kubilay Güler said: “Contrary to popular belief, as children grow up, their ability to learn languages ​​does not decrease, on the contrary. , their learning abilities develop. Since the level of concentration is lower in preschool children, language education cannot go beyond imitation, so it is not permanent. Besides age, factors such as family upbringing, social environment and intellectual level also affect language education.

Versatile training methodology specific to different age groups

Stating that they offer a different English learning experience with the camps they have developed specifically for age groups, Kubilay Güler said, “Our English education model, integrated with social life , dynamic and based on interaction, differs from traditional educational methodologies in its versatility. We focus on improving students’ foreign language learning skills in a social environment appropriate to their age group. With our concept, which has never been applied in Turkey before, we enable students to achieve the highest efficiency in language teaching.

All inclusive English learning camp

Noting that they will bring together students aged 3 to 28 from many countries at the UP International English Camp to be held in Uludağ from July 9 to August 17 this year, UP English Camps Director Kubilay Güler, said: our all-inclusive camp, main Under the guidance of our English-speaking teachers, we will offer you a different language learning experience with educational and entertaining activities. In our camp, where children and young people can participate for one or two weeks, we will offer the advantage of a lot of oral practice and create intercultural interaction. In addition to learning English, participants gain experience and confidence in their social relationships. kazan, they will,” he said.

We will unite hundreds of students in Turkey

Highlighting that thousands of students have guided their educational lives through their 12 years of experience in the international education sector, Kubilay Güler said, “We have combined our services under the UP brand by combining the experience that we have accumulated over the 12 years with an innovative approach. perspective. We are transferring the experience we gained in Malta to Turkey. kazanWe have decided to expand our activities in order to We aim to bring hundreds of students from different parts of the world to our country over the next few years with the English camps we have developed,” he said. .

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