Modernized cinemas are a hit with viewers in Tiruchi

Catering to a multilingual audience became possible with the increase in the number of cinemas, as Kannada and Telugu blockbusters like Kantara, KGF and RRR sold out in Tiruchi.

Catering to a multilingual audience has become possible with the increase in the number of cinemas, such as Kannada and Telugu blockbusters like kantara, KGF and RRR sold out in Tiruchi

Cinemas in Tiruchi are upgrading their facilities to wean audiences off the internet-based over-the-top (OTT) entertainment platform and bring them the multiplex experience.

“When the movie is good and the theater is well maintained, customers don’t hesitate to pay the higher ticket prices. Previously, only festival releases reigned supreme at the box office; any movie with a good story these days draws crowds year-round,” said A. Joseph Francis, Managing Partner, LA Cinemas. The Hindu.

On Friday, LA Cinemas, which operates several theaters in the city and central districts, launched two more screens in addition to the existing theater complex on Fort Station Road. “We have renovated our 230-seat Maxi and 95-seat Mini theaters to meet a growing viewer base. Although there was a lull in business for a few months last year, people came back to the cinema just for the experience of going out with friends and family,” Mr. Francis said.

A change in the film exhibition model also helped revive the business. “Previously, the same film would circulate in several cinemas in the city after being released on a single screen; now the demand for cinemas in the city to show the same films on the same days has increased. After lockdown, audiences are back in cinemas,” a BHELEC cinema management representative told Kailasapuram. The room, built in 1974, reopened in a modern avatar in 2019 with improved technology.

Accommodating a multilingual audience has also become possible with the increase in the number of cinemas. Kannada and Telugu blockbusters like kantara, KGF and RRR sold out in Tiruchi, while the market for Hollywood and Tamil dubbed films is also buoyant, the BHELEC representative said.

The big screens are an added bonus for enjoying movies with special effects and dramatic fight sequences.

“Tamil movie VikramName had an OTT release shortly after its theatrical release, but viewers still flocked to the halls to watch it. The success of Ponninyin Selvan: 1 is largely due to its cinematography which is best seen on the big screen,” Mr. Francis said.

Declining business at its 38-year-old hall in Tiruverumbur forced the Shanthi Theater to close for a full interior renovation in March 2021 and reopen as Shanthi Cinemas in February this year. “We upgraded our lobby and added air conditioning. The sound effects are better thanks to the new systems we have installed, and we have reduced the number of seats from 476 to 369, to create a less crowded atmosphere,” said owner A. Balamurugan.

Several modern cinemas have also opened doors in Sangliandapuram and Tiruvanaikovil, and are doing well, helped by online ticket booking.

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