Programming Languages: Learn Python Basics and Advanced Skills in These 12 Courses



Whether you are learning to use Python as a new developer or as a network administrator, check out these online training courses.

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If you’re looking to jump into a new tech career as a developer and don’t know which programming language to learn first, Python might be perfect for you. Python is one of the world’s leading programming languages, and it is expected to continue to develop. Best of all, since Python was specifically designed to be easy to learn, non-programmers are known to learn the basics in just one weekend. Now you can train at your own pace with the 2021 Python Expert Complete Super Bundle for just $ 59.99.

The Fundamentals of Programming training course covers the basics of programming in general, which can also help you learn other languages. Introduction to Programming Using Python will get you started with the most basic Python skills, and Python programming will continue with the basics.

From there, you’ll learn the most common modules in Using the Standard Library. Dive into the standard Python library covers more advanced features. Next, the Reading and Writing Files course will cover how Python handles these activities.

You should now be ready for object-oriented Python, which will teach you all about classes, associated objects, and how to use inheritance. You will get hands-on experience creating an OOP text adventure. Security and data skills are always in high demand, so Python for Security, Python Data Model, and Data Representation & Serialization will take you a long way.

Additionally, you can learn how to use Python for networking automation in Hands-On Python for Networking Professionals. The Using Community Code course will show you how to create code that solves specific problems.

Major organizations in Silicon Valley, along with other major tech hubs, trust iCollege to train their employees. The average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 that alumni gave these courses is a great indication of their effectiveness.

Don’t pass up this chance to quickly jump into a new career in technology. The 2021 Python Expert Complete Super Bundle is on sale for just $ 59.99, which is 98% off the regular price.

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