Promoting linguistic diversity in newsrooms

SWI is a team of journalists producing content in ten languages ​​for an international audience. This multilingual working environment is inspiring and rewarding, but also comes with unique challenges. Take a look behind the scenes in our video and hear directly from our staff explaining how they work.

This content was published on January 30, 2022 – 09:00

Reto Gysi of Wartburg

SWI employees come from many parts of the world. About fifteen languages ​​are spoken in our departments. The perspectives and cultural backgrounds of our journalists are therefore diverse. This opens up new opportunities when researching and following important issues and debates around the world.

SWI takes advantage of this diversity not only in the production of content but also by making it available in other languages. Not all stories can be simply translated and often require careful adaptation and editing keeping in mind the cultural codes of different target audiences. Most articles are not published in all ten languages. Instead, our journalists choose and adapt relevant content for their target audience and region.

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