Reopen first cycle elementary classes as well, according to experts



While the state government has decided to reopen classes XI and above from August 23, many school administrators and parents have now joined the choir and also want classes for the first cycle of primary education to open.

Many experts on the committee appointed by the state government to discuss the reopening of schools had stressed that lower grades should be reopened first, as students in lower grades were the most affected compared to those in upper grades. . However, the Ministry of Public Education had suggested reopening high school classes first.

D. Shashi Kumar, Secretary General, Associate Directorates of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, said the decision to reopen the schools was welcome. “However, we also want to reopen primary classes. The students most affected academically by the closure of schools are elementary school students, ”he said. Rajath S., a parent whose sons are studying in Classes I and VI, said: “My children did not have access to a gadget each during the pandemic and therefore find it difficult to take online classes. It is necessary to ensure that schools reopen because my children have started to forget even the basics they learned in the early years. ”

Gurumurthy Kasinathan, of the National Coalition for Educational Emergencies, said educators were unanimous that the school closures had hurt younger children the most. “Not going to school means that language skills are not developed, nor are basic socialization skills. On the other hand, there is clear evidence that young children are the least affected by the virus, as cases and deaths are negligible worldwide, ”he said. He said he called the decision to maintain the closure of primary schools as “criminally insensitive” and said it would lead to more school dropouts over the next few years.


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