Rosetta Stone and HIAS Extend Partnership by Providing Free Language Learning Courses to Refugees During Global Resettlement Efforts


United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that nearly 2 million people were forced to flee their homes in the first six months of 2021. Notably, forced migration is not specific to any geographic region: humanitarian crises around the world put people in extreme danger; asylum seekers and refugees brave dangerous conditions to start a new life; and political unrest creates entire populations of stateless people with little emergency assistance.

HIAS is uniquely qualified to address the modern refugee crisis and has helped more than 4.5 million people escape persecution. The organization facilitates application processes, resettles the most vulnerable people around the world, and works with US-based social service organizations to welcome refugees into local communities.

HIAS first partnered with Rosetta stone in 2019 to help refugees enter American society more easily through language education. Rosetta stone and HIAS then extended their collaboration in 2021 to continue supporting HIAS clients in their education, social inclusion and employment efforts. HIAS and its clients have access to language courses in 25 languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish and more.

“Our partnership with Rosetta stone gave refugees additional tools to adjust to their new life and navigate the resettlement process with increased confidence and language skills, ”said Marc Hetfield, President and CEO of HIAS. “We are delighted to continue this partnership and continue to provide our staff and clients with opportunities to communicate more easily and to create welcoming communities. ”

Bahati Buzindu, a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo and HIAS client, share, “Rosetta stone really helps me understand what other people are talking about, and I have encouraged and taught other refugees to use it too! “

“Refugees come from all walks of life: they are doctors and farmers, interpreters and caregivers; some speak multiple languages, while others have been denied formal education. Regardless of a person’s skills, adjusting to a new home is incredibly difficult, especially after having to flee one, ” noted Jennifer gu, COO of IXL Learning, Rosetta stone head quarter. “The partnership between HIAS and Rosetta Stone is an important step in helping resettled people develop new language skills and allow them to easily integrate into communities and lead independent lives. “

Through Rosetta stone, learners practice new languages ​​in an immersive environment that helps them develop the fluency and confidence to speak. The lessons are filled with real-world images and audio from native speakers that speed up language acquisition. Additionally, the TruAccent speech engine compares voices to those of native speakers, gives immediate pronunciation feedback, and helps refugees feel confident to participate in real-world conversations.

As part of the partnership, Rosetta stone also provides training to HIAS employees on how to effectively administer language learning to users for maximum efficiency. In addition, HIAS and the staff of its affiliate network use Rosetta stone learn the mother tongues of the refugees they support, to better understand them and meet their needs.

To speak with HIAS, please contact Meredith MacKenzie from Silva to the West End Strategy Team: [email protected].

On Rosetta stone
Rosetta stone is dedicated to changing people’s lives through the power of language education. The company’s innovative digital solutions generate positive learning outcomes for the inspired learner at home or in schools and workplaces around the world. Founded in 1992, Rosetta stone uses advanced digital technology to help all types of learners read, write and speak 25 languages. Rosetta stone joined the IXL Learning brand family in 2021.

About HIAS
HIAS is the international Jewish humanitarian organization providing essential services to refugees and asylum seekers in 16 countries. We defend the rights of all forcibly displaced people to rebuild their lives and seek to create a world in which they find welcome, security and opportunity. Join us on

HIAS: Meredith MacKenzie from Silva, [email protected], (202) 412-4270
IXL: Eric bates, [email protected]



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