Software developer and IT support


Create and manage all software related to product production, associated automatic test equipment and end user support applications.

? Design and develop software testing systems for use on the production line;
? Maintain and upgrade existing production software;
? Design and maintain customer applications used in product support;
? Develop software simulations of applications;
? Develop test software for product development and validation;
? Develop software interfaces between different business systems;
? Manage the software design process and develop internal software standards;
? Manage and support internal IT systems, including security related tasks;
? Compliance with the quality management system;
? Compliance with safety, health and environment policies.

? Make strategic decisions on which software development projects to undertake, including the
scope, exit criteria and timeframe. This is done in consultation with the Director of Engineering.

? B.Sc. in computer science or equivalent
? Minimum 5 years of experience in embedded software development
? Excellent command of programming and coding language
? Main skills – C, C ++, Java
? Professional experience using cybersecurity and open source technology
? Experience with Linux and the Raspberry Pi development environment
? Logical and holistic thought process
? Great attention to detail and prioritization
? Flare for creativity and innovation
? Time management skills
? Strong diagnostic, problem solving and troubleshooting capabilities
? Good knowledge of Internet security and data privacy principles
? Team spirit
? Good communication skills

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