Strict COVID-19 measures in place as students in NB and PEI go back to class

Most students in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island were back in class on Monday as the two Maritime provinces resumed in-person learning.

Students in both provinces had been learning virtually this month, but provincial governments announced last week that in-person learning would resume on Monday, with strict COVID-19 measures in place.

Students in Nova Scotia had already returned to their classrooms on January 17, after a week of virtual learning after an extended vacation.

The high school students, however, did not return to class on Monday. New Brunswick high school students will return to class on Wednesday, while Prince Edward Island high school students will return on Thursday, to coincide with the start of a new term.



  • Masks are required indoors, in classrooms and common areas
  • Masks can be removed when a student drinks or eats seated
  • Masks are required outdoors, except for K-8 students, who are part of their grouping in Levels 1 or 2
  • Medical grade masks have been secured for teachers and school staff
  • Students are encouraged to bring a properly fitting three-layer mask to school


  • Class groupings will be used for students in grades K-8; students in different class groups must maintain a physical distance of two meters
  • Schools may decide to group Grade 7 and Grade 8 students together for operational purposes; class groups are allowed to mix if necessary.


  • Music education will be taught outdoors when weather permits
  • Students are required to wear a mask when classes are held indoors
  • There will be limited singing and limited use of wind instruments


  • Physical Education will be taught outdoors when weather permits
  • Students are required to wear a mask when classes are held indoors
  • Contact and team sports activities are not permitted


  • $3 million was spent on 2,000 portable HEPA filters for classrooms at 60 schools, which lack built-in mechanical ventilation systems


  • Students with symptoms of COVID-19 should register online for rapid tests
  • If a student has a new or worsening symptom, they will not be allowed to attend school until they receive a negative COVID-19 test
  • If a student has a consistent and recurring symptom, such as a seasonal allergy, they may continue to attend school if they test negative for COVID-19; if this symptom worsens or a new symptom develops, they should retest
  • Parents and guardians must notify their child’s school if their child tests positive for COVID-19
  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they should stay home and follow public health guidelines
  • A list of schools with COVID-19 cases is available online


  • Students taking the bus are encouraged to sit in the same seats and with the same students when possible
  • Masks are mandatory



  • Students are required to wear masks indoors, except when eating or during physical activity
  • Masks are not mandatory outside
  • Masks must be worn when riding on a school bus
  • There are exceptions for students who have special exemptions
  • Parents and guardians should have received a new three-ply cotton mask for their child when they picked up the COVID-19 test kits
  • Students should change the filter every other day; schools will provide additional filters as needed
  • Disposable triple-layer masks will be available at school and on buses if a student forgets their mask or needs a replacement


  • Students will receive 10 COVID-19 test kits and are expected to test regularly for the virus during the first three weeks of school
  • Pupils were asked to take tests three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – for the first three weeks of school
  • Parents and guardians should already have picked up five kits last week; five more will be sent home with students this week
  • Students should stay home if they feel unwell and only return once they have received a negative test result
  • Parents and guardians should notify their school if their child tests positive for COVID-19
  • All school and bus exposure notices will be posted on English and French school board websites; emails will be sent through the PowerSchool database


  • Unnecessary furniture has been removed from classrooms to promote physical distancing
  • Cohorts of 50 or less will be needed where possible from K-9
  • Students and staff are encouraged to select a small, cohesive group of friends and colleagues to interact with
  • Portable HEPA filters have been installed in schools without mechanical ventilation
  • Schools will maintain enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols
  • There will be no in-person gatherings or assemblies
  • School sports can resume for practices and practices, but there will be no games or competitions
  • Group extracurricular activities can resume if physical distancing can be maintained at all times

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