Super smart Russian man thinks he’s from Mars



A man from Russia has impressed scientists since childhood with his super-intelligence and he even claims he is from the planet Mars. Take a look below:

Boriska Kipriyanovich, who lives in Volgograd, Russia, believes he spent his daily life on the Red Planet before being reborn from a human mother on Earth.

Boriska, who is said to be around 24, has met various scientists and they are absolutely baffled by the level of her intelligence and knowledge of the planetary system.

His mother was said to have always been aware of her son’s intelligence and even claimed that he used to hold his head unsupported when he was a baby.

She went on to say that he started talking when he was only a few months old and was incredibly able to read and draw when he was only a year and a half old. Very bold demands, it must be said.

Some of the only known images of the mysterious Boriska. Credit: YouTube / Camelot Project

When little Boriska started nursery school, his teachers were said to have been bowled over by his superior language skills, writing skills, and impressive memory.

His parents say that although he never specifically taught him space when he was little, Boriksa would often start talking about Mars, space, and alien civilizations.

He is said to have told those close to him that Mars still has alien life, despite being struck by a massive nuclear disaster in the distant past.

Are you already starting to believe it?

NASA's rover exploring Mars ... is that where Boriska really came from?  Credit: Alamy
NASA’s rover exploring Mars … is that where Boriska really came from? Credit: Alamy

He “remembers” that the nuclear disaster was caused after war broke out between two groups of beings who lived on the Red Planet at the time.

There were few survivors, but he says some still exist to this day after learning how to build houses and weapons.

What did those fucking Martian rovers do to get none of this?

This is the real question here.

Boriska said the aliens on Mars breathe carbon dioxide, so if they were to come to Earth they would have to make sure they had some with them, of course.

Throughout his life, Boriska has insisted that he was previously a Martian who traveled to Earth. He also has a message for us Earthlings telling people that there are many great secrets to be discovered on our planet – like in the Great Pyramid of Giza, which he says is hiding something great.

He said, “Human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I can’t remember exactly.”

Pretty vague, but not too vague that we can’t go and send someone to check it out, surely?


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