Taunton Public Schools completes successful visit with inclusive learning organization

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TAUNTON – Superintendent John Cabral and Taunton Public Schools are pleased to announce a successful visit from an Inclusive Learning Organizing Partner for the district.

Confianza Founder, CEO and Director of Professional Learning, Sarah Ottow, visited Elizabeth Pole Elementary School on June 8 and met with Superintendent Cabral and the Director of Multilingual Learning Programs for Taunton Public Schools, Delilah Mendoza.

Confianza, which means “mutual trust and respect,” is a professional learning organization dedicated to equity, language, and literacy in public schools. The organization was founded to create equal learning opportunities for children across the country.

The visit was an end-of-year conversation about the progress the organization and Taunton Public Schools have made over the past few years. This included discussions with teachers and coaches about the growth that occurs in classrooms and in collaborative teacher spaces.

“We at Taunton Public Schools believe that every child’s education is important,” Superintendent Cabral said. “Through this partnership, we are able to provide the best schooling for our students and make education inclusive for all.”

Taunton and Confianza Public Schools have been partners since the 2017-18 school year. The overall objective of this partnership is to provide equal opportunities for students at all levels by ensuring that all student needs are met. This includes establishing and maintaining inclusive classroom practices through both curriculum and mindsets. This year’s focus was on collaborative and co-teaching structures in elementary school.

“We want every student to feel that their learning is important. To feel that their needs are being met,” Director Mendoza said. “This partnership allows students to learn in a more inclusive, more tolerant and more direct way. Our educators go beyond student expectations and Confianza allows us to meet the needs of each student both individually and in the classroom. »

The initiative was set up to make learning more inclusive for all students, taking into account all aspects of education, including how students learn, not just what they learn. Confianza provides research-based tools and coaching methods to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion across entire schools to help educators meet the needs of all students.

“I am extremely pleased with our partnership with Confianza, we are fortunate to have a partner who is just as committed to student needs as we are,” said Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Christopher Barratta. “We look forward to the continuation of this partnership and are excited for the future of our students and educators.”

Following the visit, schools in Taunton will continue to deepen the inclusive culture that has been built throughout the year. Growth in inclusion is measured by improved teacher relationships and student data.

“Taunton Public Schools has been a valued partner of Confianza since 2017. As Principal Mendoza’s coach, I have been privileged to support her vision of high standards and equal opportunity for students,” said Ottov. “Dalila has in place essential support for multilingual learners throughout the district, including student support procedures, a rigorous curriculum that reflects student life, and key expectations for its teaching staff in teaching We look forward to continuing our partnership as we embed inclusive practices in line with Confianza’s vision of providing equity, language and literacy for all learners.

About Trust:

Confianza’s mission is to support cultural understanding, communication and collaboration for schools and other organizations by providing research-based tools and coaching to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in education. entire school or organization. The organization begins with a deep dive into exploring mindsets and practices for equity, language and literacy called “The Language Lens”. See Ottow’s book for more information: https://ellstudents.com/language-lens.

For more information about Confianza and its educational work, click here.


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