The “bilingual” French Bulldog with several howls goes viral and divides the Internet



A brave 7-year-old French Bulldog named Walter Geoffrey is making waves – thanks to his unique mix of woofs, howls and growls.

In a published video on TikTok by his human Amber Martin, the vocal pup can be seen in a montage of video clips showing his “bilingual” skills. Walter – who is known to his hundreds of thousands of followers as “the king of the sexy leg” – has no qualms about showing his displeasure about anything.

Through multiple framing, the Frenchie shows the various facets of his linguistics, including his famous howl, which sounds more like a cry of anguish. In a few shots, Walter’s French Bulldog’s sister, Charlotte Littles, can be seen sitting quietly next to him as he moans and continues.

The video has garnered over 106,000 views on TikTok and over 23,000 likes at the time of this article. This is not the famous dog’s first viral video. Walter and Charlotte have dozens of videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Martin bought Walter because she wanted to spoil a dog. “I picked a French Bulldog once I learned about their personalities and attitudes. When I found pictures of the most sassy little puppy I’ve ever seen, I had to have him,” a- she declared. Simon & Schuster.

“Walt is definitely a diva,” she added. “Hard to please, he judges everything and everyone. I like to call him ‘Garen’ (Karen’s make-up version) every now and then because I can’t do a single thing in so many ways. I swear. his side eye will strike you in your soul. “

A black puppy’s paw is shown pressed against a cage. A new viral video of a French Bulldog shows his many different sounds and the internet has some major opinions.
Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Fans flock to Martin’s online diary on Walter (and Charlotte) to see what he’s shouting about. In the latest video, @Kameron Hunter said, “Even his bark sounds like a person is saying ‘ruff! “”

“I would die laughing if I had to wake up to this,” @Dr. Fidget Grimm wrote.

“He’s really trying to bark, like you can see the concentration. As the crazy screams flow like a song,” @Meena J. commented.

@Wellness Petfood wondered when the language learning site Dualingo would add Walter’s sounds to their system.

Not everyone appreciates the soothing sounds of Walter Geoffrey. “I just imagine him being a 24/7 nightmare for everyone around him except you guys,” @bobfromlumbridge wrote.

While some can’t imagine having to hear Walter’s many sounds all day long, there are just as many who enjoy his constant shenanigans.


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