“The education sector around the world has shown tremendous adaptability”

CN Ashwath Narayan, Minister of Higher Education, Information Technology, Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, said the education sector across the world has shown tremendous capacity to Adaptation by embracing new ways of teaching and learning, and the mass adoption of digital technology has emerged as a key economic driver that has accelerated growth and helped facilitate job creation.

Addressing a gathering after the inauguration of a job fair organized by the Department of Skills Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihoods at Poojya Doddappa Appa Engineering College in Kalaburagi on Saturday, Dr Narayan said said that in an effort to make the state unemployment-free, we are introducing market-skills-focused courses in academics to ensure that students have not only academic qualification but also skills and the experience they bring with them, which makes them ready to work.

In recent years, skills development has taken precedence over academic qualification in the current employment scenario and has proven that there is a consensus among the younger generations on the importance of skills development for employment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has redefined the economic engine with a particular focus on start-ups, and Karnataka wants to play a vital role in making that happen. “Our government’s intention is to provide the younger generation with enough knowledge and opportunity to pursue their dreams and compete on a global platform. The government is harnessing the power of education, technology and skills development to make Karnataka a futuristic state where young people can turn their dreams into reality,” Dr Narayan said.

The Karnataka Skill Development Corporation (KSDC) provides free training to 31,000 students across the state. Dr. Narayan said that KSDC would set up skills development training centers in Kalyana Karnataka to train the youths and make them employable, which would accelerate the socio-economic development of the region.

The Minister said that the Government Tool Room and Training Center (GTTC) in Koppal and Yadgir districts will soon have English labs on their campuses to help hone students’ communication skills to drive success in the global workplace, he added.

Kalaburagi MP Umesh Jadhav, KKRDB Chairman Dattatreya Patil Revoor, NEKRTC Chairman Rajkumar Patil Telkur, MLCs Sunil Vallapure and BG Managing Director Patil and Zilla Panchayat Dilesh Sasi were present.

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