The school will provide service in English to the local community


May I Help You, a program initiated by the Thrickodithanam Governmental Upper Secondary School, plans to offer a free service to the public requiring the use of the English language.

As schools reopen after a long pandemic-induced hiatus, a group of upper secondary students from Thrickodithanam, a village on the outskirts of Kottayam, have put their English writing skills to work in the service of the local community.

May I Help You, a program launched by the Government Higher Secondary School at Thrickodithanam, under the aegis of its School English Club, plans to offer a free service to the public for writing letters, filling out application forms and all other services requiring the use of English. Tongue. The project is started by a ten-member team of students with effective writing skills, who have completed a ten-day training in letter writing and formatting techniques.

“Anyone who needs to prepare a letter or any other similar service can contact the school directly during office hours every day of the week. Considering the school’s location in a remote village on the Kotytayam-Pathanamthitta border, the service should help the local community in a significant way, ” said R. Sreeraj, a teacher who runs the English club. from school.

Launched just a few days ago, the school has already helped a handful of people in its neighborhood write their messages professionally. Student-written content is checked by the school’s English teachers, who in turn make any necessary corrections before publishing the final draft, Sreeraj added.

As part of its implementation, the school also approached the local panchayat, seeking the association of elected officials at the neighborhood level to make the program a success.

“At the local level, people still face a difficulty in using English effectively because writing remains the main way to move business forward,” noted A. Sajeena, the principal of the school. . The project, she says, is the school’s way of giving back to society.


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