This start-up makes the children of the hinterland master English



When Aarti and Ishaan Gupta started their Q-in-1 business about two years ago, they might not have known that their entrepreneurial journey would help solve a problem that may seem trivial or trivial to many, but which could change. the lives of those who pass by there.

The husband-wife duo founded Q-in-1, an edtech company, in early 2019 to teach classes in a variety of subjects to children aged four to fourteen, but soon realized that communication skills in English have become the weak link, especially for children from the hinterland of the country.

“If people are talking to two toppers and one speaks English and the other is Hindi, then they start judging whoever does not speak English. The language (English) has become very important in life. ‘today,’ says Aarti, one of the co-founders of Q-in-1.

“Until last year, we had classes in about 4-5 subjects. It worked well, but we realized that English was the subject that acted as a kind of division. So at the start of this year , we turned to teaching English, ”she adds. .

Currently, the edtech entity has a total of around 6,000 students enrolled in the various modules, with monthly growth set at 20%. On a cumulative basis, more than a lakh of students have engaged in the start-up since its creation in early 2019.

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More importantly, around 60% of students come from Tier 2/3 cities in the country where access to skills such as spoken English or even personality development is quite limited.

“Real-world success doesn’t just depend on your academic brilliance. It’s a mix of a lot of other things. Effective communication and personality skills play a key role. But unfortunately, most city students level 2/3 did not have access to these skills.There are schools but there is not a lot of personality development, ”says Aarti.

Incidentally, the couple named their business Q-in-1 because they wanted to focus on developing all of the Q’s or quotients for a child – emotional, intelligence, and personality quotients.

Speaking to the masses, the founders also realized that the expectations of a parent from a lower middle class family or small town are very different from those of an urban counterpart.

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They don’t expect the child to prepare for an IIT or IIM, but are happy with a normal job, perhaps in a retail store or even becoming a telemarketer, Aarti says. They know that such jobs require good interpersonal skills, although fluency in English is a prerequisite, she adds.

“There are many options for the privileged class. We wanted to make a good quality product at an attractive price for the middle class consumer. Information asymmetry should not be the password for success or the reason for delay, ”she says.

Q-in-1 has modules starting at Rs 1,000 per month and the maximum number of students per class is capped at four. Just like most other start-ups, this edtech company also relies heavily on technology to determine the right module and even the right teacher for children.

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“We have a program creation tool, which is a combination of 500 different programs. He assesses the child and suggests the correct module. We even use technology to filter our educators and match the right teacher to a certain type or category of students, ”says Aarti.

Interestingly, the automated selection process checks various parameters to assign, for example, an outgoing teacher to a shy student or vice versa.

While the company also offers coding modules, English currently makes up around 90 percent of its business. He also raised two rounds of financing with Venture Catalysts and LetsVenture, among the start-up’s investors.

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