Yvonne Sissons: Mom, nurse seeks a safe and healthy environment in public schools



By Medicine Hat News on October 1, 2021.

Yvonne Sissons is a mother and nurse and has a passion for a safe and strong education, which is why she is running as an administrator for the Medicine Hat Public School Division .– PHOTO SUBMITTED

Yvonne Sissons hopes her interest in successful schools will earn her a place on the Medicine Hat Public School Board in the next municipal election.

Sissons and her family moved to Medicine Hat almost 10 years ago, as it is her husband’s hometown. They have three children, in 4th, 2nd grade and kindergarten. Before moving here, Sissons was a registered nurse at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, where she specialized in pediatrics and kidney dialysis. She also worked as a head nurse at a long-term care facility in Guelph, Ontario.

She has spent the past six years in governance positions at her children’s preschool, Au Chapeau in Connaught. The first five years she was vice-president; she spent the last year as president.

Sissons explained that his platform has three areas of focus.

“The first is to ensure a safe and healthy school environment where students and teachers can thrive,” said Sissons.

“Second, we need to ensure that teachers’ voices are heard and that their needs are met in order to create optimal learning environments. Third, we must create high-caliber second-language learning environments, where program requirements are not only met, but exceeded.

Sissons has a personal interest in the success of public schools and the implementation of a high caliber curriculum for all students.

“I believe that a parental voice on the board is vital for a diverse representation of views and ideas. I feel I am able to be approachable, approachable and present to hear the suggestions and concerns of teachers and other parents. I am also in favor of special programming, such as learning a quality second language.

Sissons said the first thing she would do would be a careful review of budget allocations. She hopes to see PUF funding restored and to have more teaching assistants in classrooms again.

“Despite the many challenges that school boards will face over the next few years, I believe having a strong local public school board that is committed to engaging families, teachers and administration will lead to positive outcomes for our community. community. “


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