Zambian college and university professors complete US-backed graduate literacy course


LUSAKA, ZambiaThe United States Government, through the Transforming Teacher Education Project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in partnership with the University of Zambia and Florida State University , completed the delivery of a graduate literacy course designed to help build the capacity of Zambia’s colleges of education. (COE) and universities.

More than 70 literacy and language teaching teachers in centers of excellence and universities successfully completed the course on December 2, in addition to representatives from the Ministry of Education. The course aims to build reading expertise in the early years of study in Zambia across all colleges and universities that train primary teachers.

The graduate literacy course gave participants a better understanding of the research behind Zambia’s reading program – the Primary Literacy Program – which supports the principles of mother tongue-based multilingual education. in Early Childhood Education and Grades 1-4. Participants applied their understanding of language and literacy research. into practical strategies to teach reading more effectively in the early grades, use assessment data to guide instruction, train teachers in evidence-based literacy practices, and better conduct their own research on literacy topics.

Comprised of over 130 hours of training, the course included 105 hours of face-to-face instruction and additional individualized research support for each participant. All conducted in accordance with national COVID-19 guidelines, each participant chose a research topic and was assigned a research mentor who will continue to help them apply their research findings in their professional roles. The research projects will be presented at a closing conference in Lusaka in March 2022.

USAID Transforming Teacher Education is the US government’s flagship partnership for higher education in Zambia. To learn more about the project, visit:


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