Staff at Shrewsbury Primary School in France to improve their language skills

Staff from Coleham Primary School in Shrewsbury traveled to France to learn the language as part of efforts to improve education for pupils. In front of the photo are Jacqie Caldwell and Sara Lord, and behind from left are Liz Rank, Jane Davies, Chloe Jones, Melanie Arthur-Lee and Helen Jasper.

Staff from Coleham Primary School in Shrewsbury will learn French at a language school in Rouen for a week during the Easter holidays.

These efforts are aimed at developing their language skills and becoming more confident in teaching French.

French teacher at the Chloe Jones School, successfully submitted an application for European funding to enable the realization of a series of trips.

In total, a group of 20 teachers, teaching assistants and office staff will take a trip this summer with the ultimate goal of integrating French into daily school life and developing French with the youngest students.

Ms Jones said: “I am beyond delighted, this is a fantastic opportunity for continuing professional development for staff. We want to raise the profile of French throughout the school and the best way to achieve this is for all staff team is involved to make it happen.”

The school had to delay trips due to the pandemic.

Deputy Headmaster Tom Larkham said: “Children’s window on the world has become much narrower during Covid and so this opportunity to introduce more French to school will broaden their cultural awareness and aspirations to travel.”

The goal is for French to be immersed in normal school activities, with even the school administrator participating and welcoming students in French at the office hatch.

Staff also look forward to visiting Monet’s garden in Giverny to inspire students studying the artist at the start of the school year.

Principal Claire Jones said: “My thanks must go to our French teacher Madame Jones who has worked incredibly hard to provide this wonderful opportunity for staff and children.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve our creative program and enriching children’s experiences and learning languages ​​is an important part of that. Children are never too young to learn about other cultures.”

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