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The Williamsport area school board discussed this week the policy allowing public participation in meetings.

A review of the policy would allow stakeholders to comment publicly as well as residents and taxpayers.

At least one board member said the policy needs to be revised to define what constitutes a stakeholder.

School principal Jane Penman said she was having issues with a non-resident in the district using time that should be booked for a resident to be heard.

The board decided to defer the matter to its next meeting.

In other areas, school principals have taken action on a number of staff positions.

The board accepted the following resignations:

• Brittney N. Reese, part-time administrative support, Jackson Primary School.

• Danielle L. Gottschall, part-time food worker, Curtin Intermediate School.

• Susan M. Wood, Sign Language Interpreter Assistant, High School.

• Booker T. Riddick IV, part-time aide, college.

The Board approved the employment of the following staff:

• Alexandra C. Sheppard, Temporary Teacher, Lycoming Valley Intermediate School, annual salary $ 52,582 (prorated, effective October 6).

• Kristin L. Myers, Temporary College Teacher, annual salary of $ 55,645 (pro rata, effective October 20).

• Blake Lambert, long-term substitute teacher, CTE Business and Computer Information Technology, high school, $ 55,645 annual salary.

• Sarah E. Rhône, long-term substitute, college, $ 52,582 annual salary.

• Jaquille E. Drummond, Intervention Specialist, Lycoming Valley Intermediate School, $ 23,970.

• Sara L. Geyer, assistant, Cochran primary school.

• Bobbi J. Mitstifer, part-time aide, college.

• Melissa S. Martin, part-time aide, college.

The board approved the following staff for coaching positions:

• Dominique N. Thomas and Jakob E. Bower, eighth grade female basketball players.

• Ronald E. Sahm, seventh year female basketball player.

• Dana L. Smith, women’s basketball volunteer.

Superintendent Dr Timothy Bowers said there were a number of job postings in the district and encouraged people to apply for positions.

“We need more employees” he said.

The board of directors met in executive session to consider personnel and legal matters.

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