Charisse Broome turns job loss into passion for writing



Charisse Broome celebrates at the launch of her children’s book, Awesome Father, at the Tunapuna Library. –

Charisse Janine Broome was one of the many people who lost their jobs due to the covid19 pandemic, but she is not unhappy. In fact, she said, when she was kicked out of the private school where she taught, it freed up her time to do so many other things that she loved, including writing. Earlier this month, Broome launched her first children’s book, Awesome Father, at the Tunapuna Library.

“It’s not the first book I’ve written, but it’s the first to be published. This is the number one new release (in Christian poetry) on for the past two consecutive weeks, ”Broome enthusiastically told WMN.

She said writing was now her full-time job and added “creative” to her long list of skills.

“If I don’t write, I create from my handwriting using my work to create worksheets for elementary school students… I remember once I wanted to write a poem about mangoes and I got a soap opera instead, ”she said with a laugh. “Eventually I wrote my poem called Mango Mouth Marlon, and from there I created English worksheets and Mangomathics, a math worksheet.”

Awesome Father, she said, is a Christian poem that celebrates the wonders of nature in general and the beautiful Caribbean landscape in particular, which is a testament to his great appreciation for nature.

Charisse Broome says she is now writing her full-time job. –

“I really enjoy reading and spending as much time as possible in nature. I have a Garden of Eden in my garden in Arouca… A brilliant father expresses awe and wonder at the beauty of the creator of nature and invites children and adults all over the world to accept and appreciate the beauty that ‘they are themselves.

The self-published book is located in TT and Broome describes it as a good resource for homeschooled parents, elementary school teachers, Sunday school teachers, parents and grandparents.

She said it was a “warming and fun” book that can open the door for a lot of discussion and provide teaching and learning opportunities for young children aged five to seven.

“It’s inspiring, entertaining, colorful and cultural and I hope the story touches the souls and lives of TT’s children and those around the world, encouraging them to honor, appreciate and be proud of the awe-inspiring beauty that surround them, and love and are proud of the great people they themselves are.

Broome, also known as Señora Broome, is a narrator, former part-time lecturer at UWI and coordinator of the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES). CIES is the academic arm of the International Football Federation.

“I started teaching part-time at UWI in 2003, and left in 2016. I worked at the Center for Sport and Physical Education, then I joined the Department of Management Studies. to coordinate two new sports management programs. “

Charisse Broome’s children’s book Awesome Father. –

The 42-year-old also teaches Spanish and English as foreign languages ​​to children and adults in a private capacity.

“Once people contact me, we work out the details from there. Churches have asked me to teach Spanish to adults in the church so that they can properly welcome and communicate with Venezuelans when they attend services. I was also asked to teach church children… After I lost my job and before the lockdown, I was home teaching children three years and older, teaching Spanish and English. I advertised the Good Housekeeper and prepared the students for elementary school and taught them life skills – climbing trees, planting – things they wouldn’t learn from books .

She said that as much as she enjoyed teaching full time, it took a tremendous amount of time. So when her services were no longer required at school, she was able to channel her energy into other projects, one of which was the long-awaited publication of Awesome Father.

“So something good came out of my job loss,” she said.

The book was first written in 2016, but was put aside after encountering a small hiccup. Broome said that in 2021 it resurfaced when she had to do sign language homework.

“I love languages, so when the Diploma in Caribbean Sign Language Interpretation was offered at UWI, the St Augustine campus, I jumped at the chance.”

She said that when she was given an assignment to choose a medium and sign it, she delved into her work and found the poem. She enlisted the help of a member of the Deaf Pioneer Life Center, an NGO located in D’Abadie, and he trained her to sign it.

“He asked me who wrote the poem and when I told him I did he encouraged me to do more and that’s where the book comes from.”

Broome said she has other work pending release and hopes to do so soon, once finances allow. She also plans to use her Spanish and sign language skills to ‘praise God’ and incorporate it into her poetry and storytelling.

Awesome Father is available on in Kindle and Paperback formats.

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