Android 13 would allow you to set language preferences for each app


Even though Android 12 has yet to reach the majority of devices, Android 13 features are already leaking. These come courtesy of XDA Developers, which details some new features for the future mobile operating system.

Some of these leaked features include per-app language settings, better control over the lock screen clock, and a new permissions structure for notifications.

The most important thing about this leak is the language settings. Android has long had the ability to use multiple languages, but they have always been applied system-wide. In Android 13, the user will have the option to change the language settings per app. This will be useful for multilingual users.

Image: KnowTechie (via XDA Developers)

Let’s talk about notifications. In Android 13, notifications could become an activation feature. Yes, you read that right. Users could soon choose whether they want to receive notifications by toggling the privacy toggle.

Android 13 is also going to get some new tips for power management. It is called TARE: saving Android resources, and it’s kind of like a payment system for apps to use resources.

Here’s how it works: Apps will get “credits” based on the device’s battery level, which they can then use as “payments” to complete tasks. This should go a long way in preventing some of the more battery-intensive apps from destroying your battery life.

Android 13 clock settings for lock screen
Image: KnowTechie (via XDA Developers)

XDA also shared some screenshots of an upcoming visual change. You will soon be able to prevent Android from using the large double-line clock on the lock screen, in favor of the single-line version (see image above).

Minimalists and those who don’t like the clock to change depending on whether or not they have notifications will appreciate this. Fortunately, this change will be included in Android 12L, so you won’t have to wait for Android 13 to use it.

With public developer releases still months away, these features may look different once they arrive. We’ll bring you all of the other Android 13 leaks as we get them.

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