Prince William ‘in love’ with Princess Charlotte’s football skills – Royal ‘growing up’

In a thoughtful touch, the shirts also had the three ages of the children as numbers.

William dressed smart and casual in a blue shirt with the top button undone, a navy blazer and brown suede shoes for today’s engagement.

At one point he showed his own football skills and also chatted with the players.

Prince William has bragged about his daughter’s talent in sport to professional sportswomen.

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He told the women’s team: “Charlotte wants me to tell you she’s really good in front of goal.

“She said ‘please tell them that’, I said ‘Okay I’ll tell them’,” the duke joked.

He added, “A budding star for the future!”

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to to analyze William’s parenting skills and how they differ from those of his younger brother Prince Harry.


Ms James said: ‘William’s body language when talking about his daughter is shy, self-effacing, playful and, of course, dorky.

“He keeps his head down and raises a hand as if allowing or acknowledging a sense of dominance from Charlotte, which is of course a joke, but alludes to her growing confidence that we saw during the Jubilee celebrations.

“There she was busy correcting her brothers and even checking Camilla’s purse.

“William is clearly taking in the fact that his daughter is growing up and learning to be assertive and we can see the pride on her face as well as the more playful expression.

“It’s a similar half-joking, half-loving tone he takes when he tells people that Kate is going to ‘get sullen’ etc.”

Is William’s parenting style different or similar to Prince Harry’s?

Judi explained: “William and Harry share that trait of continuous and very open affection for their children which, although common to all fathers, might be more unusual with members of the royal family who often prefer to be more stripped of their emotions as parents.

“It seems to have been taken from Diana’s example of parenthood.

“Harry clearly idolizes his two children, referring to them at every opportunity, often in a formal way too, citing Archie as an inspiration for some of his causes and campaigns during some of his speeches.

“Both brothers appear to have been transformed in some ways by their roles as fathers, eager to discuss the legacy they will leave for their children,” the expert noted.

Following today’s engagement, a tweet from Prince William’s Kensington Palace account said: ‘This team is already inspiring the next generation of women and girls to play football, reaping the mental and physical benefits of activity.

“With an exciting summer of football ahead, the whole nation will be cheering you on!”

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