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As a parent, you want to do whatever you can to ensure your child’s future success – and a valuable option is to expose them to multilingual education. Knowing a second or third language is not only beneficial for your child’s communication skills, but is becoming more and more necessary in our increasingly interconnected world.

International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas), the charter school system that operates 20 campuses in North and Central Texas, recognizes the importance of a multilingual environment and offers instruction in English, Spanish and Mandarin as part of of its program. Texas is a powerful economic force in the world and its top three exporting countries are Mexico, Canada and China. By teaching from a global perspective, all students can graduate from ILTexas with the tools necessary for future leadership and success in the international world.

Boosts the brain

Some parents may fear that their child is too young to be exposed to a second language, especially if their mother tongue is not fully developed. However, many studies have established that when it comes to languages, infants and young children are superior learners compared to adults, meaning that the more they start to learn, the better. By the time typical high school language classes begin, the brain has already settled into its way of forming thoughts in one language, so it can be extremely difficult to grasp the structure of a second language.

Research also shows that learning more than one language stimulates problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills, as well as improved memory, concentration and the ability to multitask. at a time. Children fluent in other languages ​​also show signs of increased creativity and mental flexibility.

Additionally, children who are exposed to a second language in their early years tend to have a more natural accent, similar to the mother tongue, when speaking that language. Children constantly imitate what they hear and are particularly sensitive to differences in sound and tone. Their ears often pick up and reproduce the delicate sounds that adults and even teenagers often stumble upon. A second language study will help your child to express himself easily and with confidence.

Teaches empathy and tolerance and promotes more effective communication in adulthood

Studying a language involves more than learning new words and grammar rules. It is also a gateway to another culture and another way of life. Multilingual education gives children a broader perspective and brings them closer to other nationalities and races.

In a rapidly changing world, effective communication becomes extremely important. Children who are able to understand diverse cultures and perspectives are more likely to become open-minded and accept differences.

Improves career opportunities

When your child begins a career as a young adult, being fluent in more than one language can help them stand out from their peers. In today’s global economy, many international companies are looking for multilingual people. An education that encompasses the study of more than one language can help give your child a unique advantage over their future competitors in the workforce.

Provides leadership preparation in a globalized world

Thanks to technology, communications and rapid international travel, the world is more connected than ever. Providing your child with a multilingual education gives them the best chance to succeed in a globalized future. From improving cognitive functioning and communication skills to open-mindedness and tolerance, they will be better prepared to become leaders of the 21st century.

Learn more about Texas international leadership

Dr Laura Carrasco-Navarrete, Deputy Superintendent of Studies and Student Services for ILTexas, says the charter school’s language studies go hand in hand with its overall mission.

“Our graduates stand out in the university admission process not only because of their multilingual education, but also because of the service leadership skills they have acquired at ILTexas – putting others before themselves. », Explains Carrasco-Navarrete. “We encourage everyone to come to one of our campuses, get to know our students, and see for yourself why our future is bright in the hands of these future world leaders. “

All ILTexas campuses will be open for in-person classes for the fall 2021 term, with appropriate security protocols in place. To submit an application for your child, visit


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