Sunny Leone in Non-Fiction Shows: You Have to Be Yourself, and It’s Hard

Mumbai, October 3 (IANS): As Sunny Leone kicks off the new season of kids’ reality show ‘Splitsvilla,’ the actress explains why it’s the most exciting genre to be successful in. She says non-fiction is always hard to shoot and act because you have to be yourself and that’s the hardest and most fun thing to do.

With the new season in Goa, she tells us it’s the hardest genre to shoot. The actress is soon to star alongside Vishnu Manchu in the upcoming pan-Indian film ‘Ginna’.

From filming a multilingual movie to directing an action-packed web series, the actress has done it all in 2022. But what turned out to be the most exciting for her was “Splitsvilla.”

Revealing the reason, she said: “At its core, this reality show is about love, longing and heartbreak. Watching young people go through this journey is both heartening and sometimes hard to judge. Human beings are imperfect by nature and so when we show these real emotions on screens, even as judges, we have a hard time determining who is right and who is wrong.

She added, “Plus, every year the attempt to do something unexpected and keep the conversations fresh. The whole team strives to keep the show’s shine and mix it with real emotions. . Non-fiction is always hard to shoot and act. You have to be yourself and sometimes that’s the hardest and most fun thing to do.”

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