MSC Cruises praises local tourism

The luxury cruise liner MSC Lirica has been operating from its summer base in Piraeus for six weeks and owner MSC Cruises has paid tribute to the Greek travel industry and the country’s holidaymakers who have boarded the ship so far. This positioning further strengthens MSC Cruises’ offer in the Eastern Mediterranean for the season.

“We are a truly international brand that attracts a wide range of different nationalities and passengers of all ages,” said MSC Cruises: “And whatever their different and specific aspirations for what constitutes a great and memorable vacation, the Mediterranean Oriental delivers on all counts as there is something for every type of traveler Culture and traditions that date back thousands of years, pristine beaches and fabulous weather – these are all rich ingredients for the perfect cruise vacation.

Angelo Capurro, Executive Director of MSC Cruises, said: “We are extremely proud to be able to offer our customers and summer travel agent partners an increasing choice of cruise vacations to a range of different destinations. across the Eastern Mediterranean closer. home and a dedicated Greek experience and onboard service coupled with a cosmopolitan vibe.

In a press release, MSC Cruises noted that to meet demand from customers and potential cruise passengers, it has “designed an itinerary to showcase the best and most beautiful places the region has to present. Thus, passengers on board MSC Lirica can visit a range of fascinating destinations, some of the attractions include a visit to ancient Athens and the famous Acropolis; the place of miracles in ancient times in the Holy Land: the Sea of ​​Galilee; Ephesus, one of the most important cities of the ancient world, on the border between East and West; and Paphos, an ancient city located on the southern coast of Cyprus.

“On board, MSC Lirica offers a distinctive cruising experience centered on elegance, comfort and hospitality with our highly skilled and multilingual crew, making guests feel at home. From room service attendants and table servers to shops and tour guides, they’ll be there whenever you need them, ensuring you enjoy a seamless vacation experience. The Greek support is indeed dedicated to making holiday dreams come true,” the cruise giant noted in its statement.

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