Police cadet uses language skills to help locate missing children



A new cadet chief had an immediate impact on law enforcement after using his multilingual skills to aid a distressed mother and help locate her missing children.

Alina Plesea had barely joined the cadets when she rushed into the officers’ assistance to find two girls who had strayed in Coventry.

The 20-year-old and her team of cadets were returning to the town’s police station after helping out at the Godiva festival, when they came across a Romanian woman trying to communicate with police officers.

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Alina – who is from Romania – stepped in and was able to liaise with the woman to reassure her and get better descriptions of young people under 12.

The officers and cadets then left to help locate the girls who were found safely soon after, with Alina staying with the mother to support her.

Alina is currently doing a police internship with a cybercrime team during a year off from her Criminology and Psychology course at Coventry University.

She didn’t start as a cadet leader until early September and made an immediate mark, helping fuel her desire for a full-time career in law enforcement.

Alina said: “Since I was a child, I wanted to work in the police force, and becoming a cadet leader seemed like a perfect opportunity to get more involved. Cadets are an inspiration to young people who are so eager to learn and help others.

“We were at the festival speaking to the public, highlighting cadets and other law enforcement opportunities, when we saw the woman in distress on the way back to the police station.

“She was panicking and having trouble communicating with the officers, but I recognized the language that was offered to her to intervene. I was able to offer her support, get more information on where they could have been. go and luckily they were quickly located and reunited.

“The cadets were all ready to help and just show what kind of kids they are. I look forward to spending more time with them, and it will be rewarding to help as they learn and develop new skills.

If you are interested in joining the cadets, find out more here.

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